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Portable Sail Kits for Saturn Inflatable Boats

Turn your inflatable boat or kayak into a sailboat by using a sail kit from

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Adhesive Glue for PVC fabric

Various PVC glues and fabric patches can be found on Google by searching PVC glue for raft repairs.

PVC glue raft repair
Trailers for Inflatable Boats and Rafts

Inexpensive utility trailer suitable for inflatable boats transportation are available at Harbor Freight Tools. Also used Jet Ski trailer can be found on local classifieds web site.

Foldable Hand Carts for easy transportation

Only $29.99 at, or you can visit your local Wal-Mart or K-Mart stores luggage department. Hand cart will really help with transportation of heavy boat from a car trunk to the water.

Hydrofoils for outboard motor

A MUST for an outboard motor. The hydrofoils are designed to get your boat on plane faster, eliminate chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation, improve stability and fuel efficiency. Check, Ebay, West Marine or local Wal-Mart for hydrofoils or tabs.

Planning System for Inflatable boats

LIFTERS radically improve the performance of inflatable sport boats, increasing speed and acceleration 25% to 45% and planning weight capacity up to 30%, while decreasing fuel consumption by over 25%. Available at Maxi Marine.

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ZCleaner for Inflatable Boats, Rafts & Kayaks

We were so amazed how well this cleaner removed dirt marks from our PVC inflatable boat, that we decided to offer it for our customers!

Click here to order repair kit for pvc inflatable boat repair.
Inflatable Boats UV Protector Kit

Everything needed to clean and protect inflatables from discoloration and fading in one convenient kit. Easily cleans away dirt, grease and grime using fresh or salt water. Discoloration, fading and chalking are all signs of exposure to the sun's UV rays. Here to visit supplier web site.
Inflatable Boats Sealant and Paint

Inland Marine paints specially formulated to have the elasticity and UV resistance required for use with inflatable boats. Sealant stops slow leaks and seam leaks from within.

Click Here to visit supplier web site.Click Here to visit supplier web site.
Folding seats available in Wall-Mart can be mounted on top of a cooler for the ultimate comfort. Cost around $24 in most retail stores.
Wide, low profile Coolers available in most retail stores such as K-Mart, Target or Wal-Mart for around $20 to $30. Can be used as a seating platform and dry storage for your gear.
Cooler Mounts. Prevents your cooler from moving around. Molded, UV resistant corner brackets have interior screw mounting holes to allow flush mount against surface & to take up less deck space.
Electric Pump. Inexpensive Coleman Rechargeable pump sold in many retail stores for around $29 and great for quick inflation to about 80%. Hand pump required to bring boat to full air pressure.
Marine Cushions UV-protected Marine White. Mount on top of the cooler to provide extra comfort while sitting on the cooler. Search to find a retailers for this item.

Other places to buy Inflatable Fenders and HoverSeat Hoverboard attachment.