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Inflatable KaBoat™ – The Unique Crossover Between an Inflatable Kayak and a Boat.

KaBoat is a Registered Trademark of BoatsToGo, Inc. Registration Number 4201914

It’s a’s a boat… No, it’s a KaBoat! BoatsToGo invented KaBoat back in 2006. Here is very first video showing first KaBoat prototype. KaBoat is a registered trademark of BoatsToGo, Inc. Registration Number 4201914.

Since KaBoat becomes popular, many other companies tried to copy our design, to capitalize on its successful form. But, we still offer best quality, and at most affordable prices. Accept no substitutes, run away from copycats!
Here is our product ad back from 2006. Does this look familiar to what some other companies, such as Bris for example selling now? They don't even know why we had placed benches on top of tubes many years ago. Just copy!

One of first KaBoat ads back from 2006

KaBoat creates the best of both worlds from kayaking and boating, and delivers them in a sexy new design. The slim hull modeled after narrow Asian Dragon boats is what lets the KaBoat glide effortlessly over water at speeds faster than traditional boats. The eco-friendly, narrow hull KaBoat uses less energy to propel itself through the water and therefore it is an ideal vessel to use with electric outboard motors, making it a truly green and ecologically friendly vessel for 21st Century.

In fact, KaBoat idea was conceived by team at BoatsToGo back in 2006, after watching old James Bond movie "Man With A Golden Gun" showing chase with narrow boats going fast in a Bangkok canals. Narrow boats offer better speed:  

The KaBoat is also extremely portable and small when deflated, so it can fit into the trunk of even the smallest car. Saturn inflatable KaBoat crossover can be used for sailing, rowing and paddling, as well as with gas or electric outboard motors. Use the kayaking or rowing oars short distances or in shallow waters, then simply attach the outboard motor when you want to travel longer distances. KaBoat is a whole lot of boat for a little bit of money. KaBoats come in 4 sizes: 12’, 14’, 15’ and an extra large 16’ monster. They are affordable and available to anyone who wants to get on water on a budget. KaBoat is truly a boat for the masses! The KaBoat is a new, unique invention that should be owned by every fisherman and water sports enthusiast. Customer's Reviews of Saturn Inflatable KaBoat: KaBoats inflatable kayaks are great for fishing."Hello, I purchased the SK396R and love it. Customized Saturn inflatable kayak ready for serios fishing. Picture submitted by happy customer. Click to zoom in. The boat is better quality than expected and is great since I live in an apartment. Set up time from the back of my mini-van to water is about 5 minutes, I can often set it up and be out in the water before larger solid-hull boats can get off of their trailers and going. With my small outboard this things zips and since it doesn't weigh much at all, I barely use a gallon of gas all day. Anyways thanks for making a fantastic boat that I can afford on a college budget." Kevin, James River, Richmond, VA.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I love my 15 ft Kaboat. KaBoat is a great Fishing Boat. Click to enlarge and read article in a popular fishing magazine. I get compliments wherever I go. I fish it in both freshwater and salt and it has performed wonderfully. Very stable, safe and fun. After seeing my boat in action, no one I know wants a canoe anymore.... The best part is: completely portable and no maintenance!!!! What's not to love? I keep it in the backseat of my Ford Taurus. Whoever designed it should get the Nobel prize for boat design. I put a 3 HP mercury on it and it really moves. Just can't say enough. Thanks Boats-to-go!"

"Prize...CATCH OF THE WEEK. Did you know that with the help of my Saturn KaBoat I won a prize for a popular fishing magazine ?.... Greetings" Manuel, FL

Customer's Videos of Saturn Inflatable KaBoat over years: