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1HP Light Electric Motor 12V

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New, Upgraded 12V 1HP Electric Trolling Outboard.

Brushless Motor, Ultra Light and Portable! Only 14 Lbs of Weight!

What makes this particular electric outboard motor very unique, is not only its short shaft, specifically designed for inflatable boats, kayaks and KaBoats, but also its light weight, due to use of brushless motor. Not only this trolling motor portable, but it also lighter than any comparable regular, non-brushless 12V trolling motors. That is important feature when carrying boat and motor around. It folds down to smallest size for its class, only 39"x12"x6" in size. Motor head only 23" long, compare to our regular trolling motor with 32" long motor head. Also, it has 600W power output, compare to 540W output of other model we carry. And, it comes with Digitmax Energy Saver, so it will run longer on same battery than any other comparable power trolling motors.

Another very unique feature of this trolling motor is a tilting throttle handle with 10 adjustable positions. Adjustable handle allows it to be lifted almost 45 degree up, or all the way down, parallel to the motor shaft. This makes trolling motor more portable, compact and allow much easier transportation and storage than other brands trolling motors with fixed perpendicularly trolling handle. Adjustable angle throttle handle also makes motor operation more comfortable, because you can raise it up or tilt down.

Our new brushless trolling motor model uses 12V, with 50 Amp Max Draw. Battery Level reader built into controller housing displays accurate available battery power, and shows when battery need a recharging.

This electric trolling motor is salt water ready, and can be used in an ocean, but we highly recommend washing it out with fresh water after each salt water use to extend motor's lifespan.

To operate this Trolling motor you will need 12V Deep Cycle battery that sold in any hardware or auto store. You can get Deep Cycle battery in Wall-Mart or Costco for about $55. High-end Deep Cycle battery will run about $140. To charge battery you will also need Battery Charger, that will run about $30 to $60 depending on a brand.

  • Comparable petrol outboard (thrust): 1HP
  • Max Voltage: DC 12V
  • Max Power: 600W
  • Max Amp: 50A
  • Prop Type: 3 blade (9.3" dia)
  • Prop Speed at Full power: Max 1250 rpm
  • Battery Type: 12V 105AH Deep Cycle
  • Decibel Level: <55db
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Shaft Type: Cast Aluminum
  • Shaft Lenght: 66cm
  • Max Boat Lenght: 6m
  • Expandable handle
  • Stepless Speed Control
  • Foldable Handle
  • Brushless Motor
  • Battery Meter

Video of 15' Inflatable Boat pushed by 12V Electric Brushless Motor.

Please note. New 2020 model little bit heavier. Not 10lbs as shown in video, but 14lbs. It is also little bit more powerful. Not 55lbs, but 1HP.

Customer's review of 12V Electric Brushless Motor.

Electric motor with MK385 KaBoat and 2 people.

1HP Electric Motor vs 3HP Gas Outboard.

1HP Electric Motor on KaBoat

1HP Electric Motor on Paddle Board.

1HP Electric Motor on Catamaran

Electric Trolling Motors FAQ

QUESTION: How Long Can My Trolling Motor Run on a Battery Charge?

ANSWER: This is probably the most common question about these motors. And before spending your hard-earned money on one, you should first make sure you know all the facts. You probably want your motor to last as long as possible on a single charge, so you will need to look at the two important specs. These are the battery’s “amperage hour rating” and the motor’s “amps drawn.”

The amperage hour rating is a measure of how long the battery will supply consistent amperage to the motor. The higher the rating, the longer a battery will be able to power a motor. So what does this actually mean? It means that, for example, a 100 amperage hour battery would be able to supply 25 amps of power for 4 hours before running out. Or if your trolling motor was drawing less amps, let’s say 10, the battery could power the motor for 10 hours. It’s just that simple.

The other important piece of information to factor in when trying to figure out how long your trolling motor will power your boat on a single charge is the motor’s amps drawn. This is the “amps” part of the equation above. So, for example, if you have 80 amp battery that’s powering a trolling motor that draws 40 amps per hour at top speed, then your motor will be able to propel your boat at top speed for 2 hours.

QUESTION: Where Do I get Battery for My Motor?

ANSWER: Look on, Ebay, local Walmart or Costco. You will need 12V deep cycle battery. The longer batter will run the heavier it will be. You can start with 12V 35Ah small and light battery or go to big and heavy 12V 120Ah. It might be easier to have 2 separate lighter battery than to carry extra heavy big battery. You can use one battery go all way, and then 2nd battery to get back. If you get big 120Ah battery, you might also need folding hand cart to move it around. Or, you can get 12V 60Ah battery that will be in a middle. There are various options on a market. Lithium batteries while lightest around, also most expensive.

QUESTION:How Powerful of a Motor Do I Need?

ANSWER: This is the second most common question people ask when shopping for a new trolling motor for their boat. And it is a very important question, since the size of the motor you choose will not only affect your boat’s speed, but also the length of time you can travel on a single battery charge. When trying to figure out how big a motor you need, remember that a motor’s power is rated by pounds of “thrust,” which tend to range from 30 pounds on the low end to 100 pounds on the high end.

When choosing the size of your motor, the number one thing to take into account is the weight of your boat. Most manufacturers say that you need 2 pounds of thrust for every 100 pounds of boat weight, which is a good guide point when purchasing your trolling motor. But don’t forget to add in the weight of the people and equipment that the boat will be carrying when you do your calculations! You also may want to factor in the types of weather conditions and currents that you will be operating in, as these can make a huge difference in the amount of power you need from your trolling motor. That’s why it’s always smart to overestimate a little when deciding how big of a motor you need to purchase.

QUESTION: What is warranty on that motor?

ANSWER: Warranty on motor is 1 year.

14 lbs
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Size:
40 x 12 x 7.5"
Special Composite Shaft:
  • More flexible and stronger than other shafts
Power Thrust:
1HP, 12V, 50 Amp Max Draw
Rated Power:
600 W
Adjustable Depth Collar:
  • For changing the motor depth
Adjustable Handle:
  • Adjust to your desired angle by folding up or down
Speed Control:
smooth variable
Battery Reader:
  • Displays accurate battery level
1 Year from date of purchase

The 1HP Light Electric Motor 12V has been a great addition to my fishing trips. It operates quietly and doesn't scare away the fish.

The Ultra Light 55 lbs Brushless Electric Trolling Motor has truly revolutionized my boating experience. This motor is incredibly light and portable, weighing only 14 lbs, which makes it a breeze to carry around and install on my kayak and inflatable boat. This is a significant advantage, especially when I'm out on the water for extended periods. The compact size and light weight do not compromise its power output. With a maximum power of 600W and a maximum amp of 50A, this motor delivers impressive performance.

One of the standout features of this motor is the adjustable handle with 10 adjustable positions. This ingenious feature allows the handle to be lifted almost 45 degrees up or all the way down, parallel to the motor shaft. This flexibility makes the motor more portable and compact, allowing for much easier transportation and storage than other brands with fixed perpendicularly trolling handles. The adjustable angle of the throttle handle also makes motor operation more comfortable, as I can raise it up or tilt it down to suit my preference.

This is a really nice little motor for kayaks. It seems well designed and constructed, but only time will tell (hence the 4star review).

Easy to install and operate, this motor is user-friendly. It has made my time on the water much more enjoyable.

While the battery and charger are not included, the affordability and accessibility of 12V deep cycle batteries and chargers make it easy to obtain the necessary components. Invest in this electric trolling motor and enjoy the freedom to choose the battery and charger that best suit your needs!

Experience the ultimate convenience with this lightweight electric trolling motor! Its brushless motor technology and compact design make it perfect for inflatable boats and kayaks. Don't compromise on power or portability, choose this motor and take your water adventures to the next level!

Surprisingly, the motor exceeded my expectations. It's not just a cheap kayak toy, but a high-quality product. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Unlock new possibilities with this advanced electric trolling motor! Its brushless motor technology not only enhances performance but also extends battery life. The foldable design and adjustable handle make transportation and storage a breeze. Choose this motor and enjoy effortless boating like never before!

This motor has proven to be a worthwhile investment. It's reliable and has enhanced my boating experience.

Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome outboard motors! This electric trolling motor revolutionizes the way you navigate the water. Its lightweight construction, tilting throttle handle, and stepless speed control ensure a comfortable and customizable boating experience. Embrace the future of electric propulsion!

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