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Electric Fin Motor For Kayaks and SUPs


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Electric Fin Only Electric Fin with Battery Box
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Electric Fin Motor for Kayaks and SUPs

Portable, lightweight fin with built in brushless electric motor for propulsion of inflatable kayaks, SUPs and more. Electric motor designed to work with 2x 12V batteries. Total 24V. Batteries not included, but widely available at very affordable prices in retail stores, Amazon or Ebay. We recommend at least two 12V 12Ah battery for about 1 hour run in sport speed mode, or 1.5 hours at regular speed.

Overall speeds and time to run depends on various conditions, including weight of watercraft, overall load, water condition, wind, geometry of kayak or SUPs. Larger Ah battery will offer much longer running times. 2 x 12V 18Ah or 20 Ah or 35 or even 100 Ah batteries can be used. Batteries must be connected in series, not parallel.

Fin comes with 2 adapters for installation on regular inflatable SUPs and hard fiberglass type SUPs with slot install.
Electric fin set consist of motor built into the fin, brushless motor driver controller, wireless controller, safety lanyard, and set of wires to connect to batteries.

Also available optional battery dry box to house 2 x 12V 12Ah batteries, charger and terminals to connect batteries.

  • Model EP18:
  • Thrust: 18pound
  • Run time: 1hrs at full speed ( S shift )
  • 1.5hrs at half speed ( D shift )
  • Max speed: 7km/hr (4.5mph)
  • e-fin carton : 45*44.5*15.5cm
  • e-fin carton : 2.7kg
  • WARNING: PLEASE READ MANUAL BEFORE USE. Safety lanyard must be attached before powering off device. Safety lanyard must be attached to user to shut down motor in case of falling from watercraft. Make sure red wire goes to positive and black wire goes to negative.
  • IMPORTANT: Flash motor for 2-3 minutes after each use in a salt water.
  • Warranty: 90 days.

Electric Fin Motor installed on Saturn Inflatable Kayak

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