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Electric Fin Motor For Kayaks and SUPs


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Electric Fin Motor for Kayaks and Paddle Boards.

This electric fin with motor is a MUST for anyone with paddle board or inflatable kayak!

After using that electric fin once, you would never want to paddle again. This electric propulsion is awesome, especially if you do fishing! Portable, lightweight replacement fin with built in brushless electric motor for propulsion of inflatable kayaks, paddle boards and more. Remote control included.

Electric fin comes with 2 adapters for installation on regular inflatable SUPs or kayak, and hard fiberglass type SUPs, with slot install. EFIN consist of brushless motor built into the fin, brushless motor controller, wireless controller, safety lanyard, and set of wires to connect to battery pack. DIY install on rotomolded kayak is possible via rudder. See Attachment tabs for DIY idea for kayak rudder install.

Electric FIN comes in 3 budget options:

1. EFIN: Electric motor designed to work with minimum of 2x 12V batteries. Batteries not included, but widely available at very affordable prices in retail stores, Amazon or Ebay. Two x 12V 12Ah, or 18Ah, or 20, 35Ah or even 120 Ah batteries can be used. Also, any of 24V Li batteries for electric bikes or scooters can also be used. Larger ampere/hour (Ah) batteries will offer much longer running times. 12V batteries must be connected in series, not parallel. If you need to run electric fin for much longer, then select this model, and get more batteries. Quick disconnect allows using either gator clips or ring terminals. Both included. DO NOT pull on wires to disconnect, use gray plastic clips only. 

2. EFIN+B: EFIN comes with optional battery dry box to house 2 x 12V 12Ah batteries. Box comes with charger and terminals to connect 2 batteries in series. Black foam inside box can be removed, or ripped along existing perforations to create snug crate for batteries. Batteries NOT included. Approximate run time with 2x12V12Ah batteries (EFIN): 45min to 1hrs at full speed ( S mode ) or 1.5hrs at normal speed ( D mode ). Get more batteries to run longer.

3. EFIN+LiB: Electric fin with Lithium battery INCLUDED inside sealed dry box. Charger also included. Battery weight only 8 Lbs! Battery box have compartment for wrist remote control and safety lanyard storage. Wireless receiver and controller also inside box. This is the best option for lightweight and compact operation, offering long range and performance. Approximate run time with Lithium pack battery about 1hrs at full speed ( S mode ) or 1.5hrs or more at normal speed ( D mode ). No additional batteries available, besides what is included in this package. Can not be used with additional batteries, because receiver and controller inside dry box with included battery. We do not sell lithium batteries separately. They come as complete package with EFIN+LiB model.

Please note that overall speed and run time depends on various conditions, including weight of watercraft, overall load, water condition, wind, geometry of kayak or SUPs.

  • Wireless Remote has 3 modes: Reverse, Forward Normal Drive (D) and Forward Sport (S).
  • EFIN option include: electric fin with motor, 2 different mounting adaptors, remote control, safety lanyard, gator clips and ring terminals. Battery/charger NOT included.
  • EFIN+BB option include: electric fin with motor, 2 different mounting adaptors, remote control, safety lanyard, gator clips, ring terminals, dry battery box and charger. Battery NOT included.
  • EFIN+LiB option Include: electric fin with motor, 2 different mounting adaptors, remote control, safety lanyard, 24V Lithium battery inside sealed box and charger. All water proof, lightweight and very convenient. Battery is 25.6V, 288Wh, continuous current max. 18A. Charge time: 4hr.
  • Max speed: 4.5mph or 5mph when used as paddle assist. Speed depends on weight, watercraft geometry, water/wind condition.
  • Fin comes with convenient foam storage box. Box size: 18x18x5". Fin with box weight: 6lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 days. Please read important Warnings and Quick Tips below videos.
  • Fin comes with rear grill only. Front grill is optional, and not provided, because it makes difficult to clear up prop from seaweeds.

Electric Fin Motor installed on Saturn Inflatable Kayak FPK365

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Electric Fin Motor installed on Saturn Inflatable Paddle Board SUP414

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Electric Fin Motor installed on Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayak FK396


  • PLEASE READ MANUAL BEFORE USE. Safety lanyard must be attached before powering off device.
  • Safety lanyard must also be attached to user, in order to shut down motor in case of falling from watercraft.
  • Make sure red wire goes to battery positive terminal, and black wire goes to negative. Make sure batteries are fully charged.
  • Test all connections and motor at home, before going for actual water run. Do not run longer that few minutes outside of water.
  • Do NOT pull on wires of quick disconnect clips to disengage. Use disconnect clip body for that.
  • Do NOT submerge battery box or black controller into the water. They are splash resistant. While motor and remote are water resistant, battery box and controller are splash resistant.
  • Electric Fins come with controller already paired. Do NOT open or alter controller or battery box without consulting us first.
  • Do NOT tighten too much power cable, charging cable, and protection caps over power and charging ports of Li battery dry box. That can make it difficult to unscrew, and as result can loosen internal nut holding power or charging port inside dry box body. Do NOT overtighten cables or caps.


  • To prolong motor life, flash motor with a fresh water for at least 2-3 minutes, after each use in a salt water.


  • Use kayak or SUP paddle, or just lower one foot into water to steer watercraft. Keep one paddle end under armpit with other end trailing in a water, to act as improvised rudder. Adjust direction by pushing on paddle.
  • Avoid seaweed patches. If seaweed does get into prop, run motor in reverse to push it out. Or, get to shallows to clear up manually from motor grill. Grill can also be removed if needed, by removing 2 smalls crews and pulling out.
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Electric Fin Only

I bought the motor and battery box. The internal size of the battery box is smaller than I hoped. The available space for a battery is 6.5" width, 9.5" length, 5" depth. I was hoping for enough space to fit a 24V 30ah battery but it's too small. If you're looking to store batteries with better operating time, dont get it. Too bad, because it's a pretty good box.

I really like this thing. I have it on a Vibe SeaGhost 110 and with foot rudder control, steering is a breeze. Speed is fine on normal mode and once I get the Vibe gravity rudder reverse will work. I purchased the on with the lithium battery. I wish there was a meter to show how much power is left. I also wish I could buy a second battery but you can’t. Overall I would recommend just don’t get the lithium batter kit that way you can add as many as you like.

What a great product! Now I have to buy another one for my wife's inflatable Saturn Kayak!

Held up on my last fishing trip. I hit multiple children with my boat but it still resisted the blows. Great quality product!

This is a very feature-rich item, I took the time to read through the product description and found a lot of great things before buying.

It's surprisingly fast, especially in sport mode, I am very lightweight and it felt like I was going almost 10mph, although running it full throttle all the time does use up the battery quicker.

I really like the security feature that makes sure it does not run away from me, I just clip it to my foot in case I fall off or something happens.

It's a really nice product for an extremely good price, I can highly recommend it.

Lightweight but very strong, specially with the right battery configuration, I put two 12v batteries in series for 24 volts, it runs really well even up to 30 mins, it was a joy to use and I highly recommend it. I also messed up and did not realize I could buy a battery box from Boatstogo, that will be my next upgrade since I was keeping them in a small cooler.

I was a bit skeptical at first but boy is this thing fun, It's really well built. It looks awesome and is very easy to use, I was a bit worried at first but simple buttons on a wireless watch that you wear to make it really easy. It was also pretty straight forward to install.
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DIY Kayak Rudder Installation (DIY-EFIN-Kayak-Rudder-Intall.jpg, 1,084 Kb) [Download]

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