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Shipping Policy:

For Tracking number information please email to with your name and/or order number.

Shipping within Continental US

Shipping outside of US, Europe, Asia, Canada, etc.

Shipping to Caribbean and Latin America

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

Shipping to Singapore

Payment policy for shipping to above locations


Due to high value of some merchandise and Credit Card Fraud Protection policies, we ship all products with price tag over $300 ONLY via FedEx Ground. Items over $500 in value are also shipped with Signature Confirmation. No exceptions.

High value merchandise, such as boats, kayaks or rafts CANNOT be left unattended at the door, in the backyard, on the porch, or with a neighbor. No exceptions. Customer's signature is required as a proof of delivery.

FedEx may accept the time frame for delivery, or hold the item for pickup at a local facility as per customer request. Please call 1800-GO-FEDEX for details.

  • Question: What if I am working the whole day, why can't you ask FedEx to leave boat at my door?
  • Answer: In order to be protected from credit card fraud, we must have the credit card holder's signature on file with FedEx. If item left at the door and later stolen, we will not be responsible for delivery.

Please visit our Payment Policy for details. Check orders can be shipped anywhere within lower 48 states.

  • Question: Why can't I have boat shipped to a different address than where I receive my credit card statements?
  • Answer: According to credit card security regulations, in order to be protected from credit card fraud and charge backs, the item MUST be shipped ONLY to the credit card holders billing address.

All shipping prices are flat fees listed for deliveries within the lower 48 US states. Shipping costs include full insurance up to the value of the item being shipped. As per FedEx Damage Claim Policy, customers have 20 days to report shipping damages since package delivery. After that period NO shipping damage claims will be satisfied by the FedEx. It is the customers responsibility to notify us about any shipping damages in a proper time frame.

Once the boat has been shipped, you will receive an email from FedEx with a tracking number. Please contact FedEx at 1800GOFEDEX or to follow provided tracking number, and to ensure receiving of the package. Please email us at if you need tracking number.

After the 3rd attempt to deliver the package, FedEx will send it back, unless you contact FedEx at 1800GOFEDEX, to arrange a local pick up. Customers are responsible for package receiving, and all associated shipping charges if item returned back to us due to customer's fault.

If the order has been cancelled after it has been already shipped out, or refused to be accepted, the appropriate shipping amount will be deducted from the total of refund. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. Please note, If item is refused or returned, FedEx will bill us for shipping back, as they don't return for free. Therefore, double shipping charges will be deducted from amount of refund or credit.

Please call FedEx at 1800GOFEDEX and ask for a supervisor or CAT representative, if you need assistance or have special requests. Don't wait for the 3rd attempt as it might be too late. Do not talk to regular phone operator, ask for CAT or supervisor.

If items are on back order, we will ship all pre-ordered boats the same day they arrive in our warehouse. We doing our best to ship all pre orders ASAP.

Local pickup is available by appointment only. Please visit the Contact us page for Warehouse location. Payment in advance is required unless paid in cash. Please email or call 866-299-7740 for an appointment.


International customers wishing to purchase at have these 3 options. For items over $100 in value, payment should be via bank wire transfer or Western Union. Please select Check payment option at checkout, and once order is placed, email us for bank wire information.

1. Use your own forwarder. Customers can use forwarder of their choice that will handle shipping to customer's location outside of US. Dimensions and weight of boxes are posted on web page corresponding to each product. If we have to ship to freight company of customer choice within Continental US, then standard FedEx shipping cost per boat model has to be included in a total payment.

2. Issue pickup from our warehouse. Customers can issue pickups via forwarder of their choice, DHL, UPS or FedEx Find using their own account number. Please email us shipping label to provide to forwarder at the time of pickup. Dimensions and weight of boxes are posted on web page corresponding to each product. Warehouse location: BoatsToGo, 1945 NE 149 str, North Miami, FL 33181, USA. Please email for opening hours. In case if pickup is arranged from our warehouse, customer pays us only for merchandise, and pay ALL shipping charges directly to the carrier of their choice.

3. Shop Online and ship worldwide from the USA with MyUS. We have partnered with MyUS, the No. 1 international shipping service to bring your favorite brands to you. With MyUS, you will be assigned a U.S.-based address where your package will be processed for shipping straight to your home country.

MyUS uses trusted delivery services like FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure you receive your merchandise in the shortest amount of time.

For shipping rate calculator, click here. You can find shipping weight in a specs table of each item. Some larger boats come in 2 boxes, one for tubes and another for floor.

International Shipping from BoatsToGo

To get started:

  1. Sign up with MyUS and get your MyUS address to use at checkout
  2. Shop online at US stores, and have your packages sent to your MyUS address
  3. MyUS will let you know when you package has arrived and allow you to create a shipment request for all your purchases
  4. Your shipments will arrive at your door in 2-4 business days

Please refer to our Payment Policy for accepted forms of payments for shipment abroad of US. Please email us with your shipping address to request Pro-Forma Invoice if needed.

QUESTION: How to place order with a credit card for item under $200 in value?

ANSWER: Once you arranged forwarder or set up shipping address with, then please place order on-line, and enter your credit card information into billing address, select state of Alabama instead of your country, and enter MyUS address as a shipping during checkout. If you do your own forwarder pickup, then type in a comment section about that. We process orders manually, and will follow your instructions in a comment section.

QUESTION: How to place order for item over $200 in value?

ANSWER: For all items with total over $200, please arrange payment via Bank Wire transfer. We don't take credit cards on that. Please order on-line, select Payment by Check method and type into comment section that you need info for bank wire transfer. Also, please email to us to expedite such requests. Once wire payment is received, we will proceed to one of options indicated above.

QUESTION: What if product arrived damaged, or item is defective?

ANSWER: Please note, that in an unlikely event that received merchandise, or any of its parts need to be replaced for any reasons, warranty or not, BoatsToGo will deliver replacement parts to the Freight Forwarder of your choice ONLY within the lower 48 states. Customers outside of US are responsible for ALL charges associated with shipping of merchandise from US to destinations abroad. BoatsToGo will not be responsible for shipping charges abroad of US. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for more information.

Caribbean & Latin America . We recommend TROPICAL SHIPPING freight company that has local offices all over Caribbean, Bahamas and Dominican (US address: 9505 NW 108TH AVENUE, MEDLEY, FL 33178, Phone: 305-805-7400). Please visit Tropical Shipping web site to find your nearest office. Average freight shipping costs starting from $120 per boat including pick up.

For shipping to Puerto Rico we recommend Kestrel Liner Agencies, (305) 805-7420, 9505 NW 108th Ave, Medley, FL. Approx $175 shipping for SD385 size boats. $75 Trans Caribe Freight shipping and around $40 for pick up (includes delivery in San Juan)

Customers have to call a Freight Company directly to get a price quote and/or arrange pick up from our warehouse.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii via FedEx Ground may be very expensive. Around $400 for a medium size boat, up to $800 for 14' SD430. But customers can save on shipping by arranging delivery via 3rd party freight companies delivering goods from mainland to Hawaii or Alaska. For example, Seattle to AK: Alaska Marine Lines , 5615 W MARGINAL WAY SW, SEATTLE WA, 98106, Tel (206) 764-8346 or SOUTHERN ALASKA FORWARDERS , 646 S HOLGATE ST, SEATTLE WA, 98134 Tel (907)-424-3286. Customers will pay our regular FedEx Ground shipping to Seattle, plus around $40-$80 for delivery from Seattle to Alaska. Customers have to call forwarders directly to arrange shipping details. Please lookup forwarding companies on Google. Boatstogo is NOT Responsible for shipping damages that may occur during shipment to Alaska. Customers are responsible for all shipment of replacement parts to AK.
Because we are not shipping directly to card billing address, we are not able to accept credit card payments when shipping to AK or HI. Therefore payments to AK or HI must be in a form of check, or money order, or bank transfer, or Western Union or QuickPay by Zeller. Please place order on-line and select Check payment option at checkout, then email us for payment details.
Despite doing our best to avoid such shipping errors, as sending incorrect items to customers, there is always a small chance that shipping mistakes may occur. In order to best suit our customer's needs, we are constantly increasing and changing the variety of merchandise that we offer. In the unlikely event that a shipping error occurs, we will issue a pickup call tag within the lower 48 states to start the replacing process. As soon as the original item is received back and inspected for full completeness, we will send a replacement item via our standard method of shipping. Sorry, no exceptions. We can't send a replacement until the first item is received back and inspected. We do not offer express shipping for replacement items, only regular Ground services.

All merchandise is inspected before shipping at manufacturer's facility and/or at the BoatsToGo shipping warehouse. All merchandise is shipped well packaged and insured. Once merchandise is picked up from the BoatsToGo warehouse by a third party shipping carrier, such as FedEx, it becomes it's responsibility to insure delivery in good condition. BoatsToGo has no control over the delivery process of the shipping carrier, and therefore BoatsToGo will NOT be responsible for ANY damages or loses that occurred during shipping by third party shipping carriers. Shipping carrier is directly responsible for ALL shipping or related damages.

  • DO NOT refuse to accept package, unless damage to product itself are severe, clearly visible and can be documented with pictures. In that case, please take pictures of damages and package before refusing. Please note that FedEx insurance only covers content of package for damage, but not shipping cartons itself. Therefore, if item refused only based on visual condition of packaging materials, such as rips or holes in a cartons, but content inside is not damaged, customers will be responsible for original shipping charges, plus for shipping charges back to us, since FedEx does not deliver refused packages free of charge. If no damages present on product inside box, we will not be able to file damage claim with a FedEx, even if box is all beat up. We suggest accepting shipping, because if there are actual damages in fact present, damage claims with FedEx can still be filed within 20 days.
  • Once customer receives the package with merchandise, they are required to inspect the item for signs of visible damages.
  • A damage claim should be submitted within 20 days of delivery. Please click here to download claim form.
  • All loses or damages which occurred during shipping are to be handled by customers directly with the third party shipping carrier by filing appropriate claim.
  • At its discretion, BoatsToGo may assist customers with the necessary paperwork and delegate all rights for the settlement directly to the customer.