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Inflatable SUP

SATURN offers BEST Inflatable Paddle Boards on a Planet.

Why pay more if you can have same inflatable SUP as expensive ones for half the price?! Buy Saturn inflatable paddle boards and save hundreds of dollars!

Saturn was one of first companies to introduce inflatable paddle boards on US market back in 2009. Here is YouTube video to prove it. First company was ULI inflatables.

Saturn offers various models of inflatable paddle boards for any type of water activity: Fishing SUP Inflatable Paddle Boards, Touring Inflatable SUP, Exploration Utility Paddle Boards, Yoga SUP and more.

Most Saturn inflatable paddle boards can also be used as a sit-on-top kayaks for 1 or 2 persons.

Kayak seats or low profile beach chairs can be attached to set of D-rings on sides of Saturn paddle boards to turn it into the kayak.

Why Saturn Inflatable Paddle Boards are the Best?

Saturn Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards are sold at Lowest Prices in the USA!

We do not feed an army of middle men in our supply chain. We sell direct from factory. Our inflatable paddle boards are same quality as expensive paddle board SUPs sold for over $1000. But, why pay more?! Buy high quality inflatable SUP at reasonable price at!

Saturn offers a 2 year warranty on all inflatable SUP paddle boards, while most other brands only stand by their product for 1 year!

Saturn was first in an industry to offer inflatable paddleboards made of 140mm (6") thick drop-stitch fabric, while most other SUPs on the market are still made of 100mm (4") thick. That is almost 30% more air volume! More air means more buoyancy and better performance under heavier weight loads.

Saturn was first in an industry to offer inflatable boards with side D-rings that allow attachment of kayak seats to convert paddle board into sit-on-top inflatable kayak!

Saturn offers FULL Money Back Guarantee! Try Saturn inflatable paddle board on water for 30 days. If you don't like it, send it back for a refund.

The Saturn inflatable stand up paddle board is easy to ride and allows paddlers of all skill levels, including beginners, to enjoy a stable, comfortable ride while getting a moderate workout. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding can be done in the ocean, harbors, rivers and lakes.

It should be noted, however, as with any new sport, some practice is needed, and you should not expect to jump on a SUP and start doing fancy tricks. Numerous SUP video instructions are posted on YouTube. Please read our Guide How To Use Stand Up Paddle Board SUP. Choose some calm waters to start.

Saturn Inflatable Paddle Boards FAQ Questions:

How do I inflate my paddle board quickly?
Get an inexpensive electric pump for mattress inflation sold in local retail stores. We recommend the Coleman Rechargeable pump for about $29. Use it to inflate paddle board to about 80% quickly, and then finish pumping to high pressure with provided hand pump.

How do I use the hand pump to bring inflatable paddle board to high pressure?
When using the hand pump to inflate paddle board do not use only your hands and arms when the pressure gets higher. Use your body weight to push the handle of the hand pump down. Bend at the knees and lock your arms straight while putting all of your weight over the handle.

How do I deflate the paddle board?
Open the valve cover, press slightly on the pushpin inside the valve with your finger tip to release some air pressure, then press completely and turn the pushpin in either direction, locking it in the open position. Start rolling the board from the rear. Don't forget to remove large fin. Use optional rubber bungee cord to wrap around the board to keep it from unrolling.

Why is air escaping from the valve as soon as the valve adaptor is disconnected?
Make sure that the pushpin inside the valve is locked in the upper position before you start pumping air into the board. When the valve pushpin is in the upper position, it means that the valve is locked, and no air will escape when the valve adaptor is disengaged.

How do I know when the paddle board is fully inflated?
Saturn paddle boards can take up to 10-15 psi of air pressure. We suggest that you use our high-pressure electric pump that automatically shuts off once pressure of 10psi is achieved. If you use a hand pump and the air pressure gauge is not available, you'll need to pump until you feel the board surface become as hard as a rock. If the board is fully inflated, it will not bend under your weight when you are stand up paddling. If you are using the Saturn board as a sit-on-top kayak, high pressure is not as important as when standing on it. Just inflate the board until it is moderately hard and does not feel soft when you press it with your fingers. Do NOT leave fully inflated paddle board under hot Sun for long periods of time, because hot air inside SUP can quickly expand and blow seams if pressure will go over 15psi.

How to prevent air from escaping around valve adaptor?
Because of very high pressure achieved when pumping SUP over 10psi, it is important to create perfect seal between valve adaptor and valve. Press hard on valve adaptor when inserting it into the Naru valve to insure precise fit. Depending on seal material it may be necessary to cut out some groves with scissors to decrease thickness of seals for better fit into the valve. But, do it only if valve adaptor does not fit into the valve with both rubber seals installed and after trying different seal combinations.

My inflatable paddle board seems to be a little bit tipsy, why?

First of all make sure that paddleboard is fully inflated. Our inflatable paddleboard can take up to 10-15 psi of air pressure. While it can be achieved with a regular hand pump, our electric high pressure pump is highly recommended for quick and complete inflation.

Find out More How To Use Inflatable Paddle Board in this educational article.