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Outboard Motors

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Outboard Motors

There are several well established, mostly Japanese brands of outboard motors on US market, such as Honda, Mercury, Suzuki and Tohatsu. These are are all very good engines, with excellent characteristics, performance and durability. But, these are not cheap. In many cases cost of outboard motor one of these brands can be higher than cost of inflatable boat itself. 

However, there are also less expensive alternatives are now available, coming from China, such as Parsun, Hangkai, Hidea and few more. While there is some prejudice against outboard motors made in China, they are getting better and better over time. Most of these are in fact copies of Yamaha outboard motors. When there is a choice between cost vs. perceived durability, and you are handy enough to open outboard top, and adjust it as needed, Chinese outboard motor might be a good and inexpensive option. 

In fact, most of issues with Chinese outboard motors comes from incorrect operations, not following proper procedures and using incorrect gasoline. For example, never run motor outside of water. Always use REC-90 Ethanol-free gasoline only. Always remove all gasoline from outboard if it not use for longer than few month. Ethanol easily clogs carburetor, and that is most common source of outboard engines troubles. While there are might be some minor issues with Chinese outboard motors, such as throttle handle label glued backward for example, when properly following break in procedures, using correct oil and gasoline, these engines can be great and inexpensive alternative to expensive Japanese brands. 

One of most popular Chinese brands at this moment seems to be Hangkai. They are sold on Amazon and Ebay and there are plenty of YouTube reviews videos of Hangkai outboard motors.

One of the best source to buy Hangkai outboard motors is on Amazon, because it is easier to return there in case if something goes wrong. Just file A to Z warranty claim and declare item as defective.

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Quick Tip: If engine too noisy, purchase Sound Deadening Insulation Mat Pad on Amazon and install it inside outboard engine cover.