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Inflatable Boat Lifting Tabs

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Performance Tabs for Inflatable Boats.

Help to get boat on a plane faster and with smaller outboard.

Tabs come in 2 sizes: LARGE for dinghy type boats, and SMALL for narrow boats or KaBoats. Please make sure to select correct size above. Large tabs will NOT fit on narrow KaBoats. 

Please measure distance between tubes to make sure when tabs will be installed, there will still be enough space for outboard motor shaft to rotate freely, and to raise up when needed.

Lifting Tabs significantly improve performance of inflatable motor boats, increasing speed and acceleration and planning time, while decreasing fuel consumption.  Inflatable boats with smaller outboard motors or with heavier loads can plane easier and move faster.  

New Saturn lifting tabs where designed to work with current dinghy wheel system. It can be attached to transom of inflatable boats, and help to put inflatable boat on a plane, even with a lower rating outboard motor. No more bow raising high up when trying to put boat on a plane. Boat goes faster and uses less gas.

What makes our lifting tabs unique, is that they share similar bracket type attached to transom of boat with our other product - dinghy wheels. The only difference is 1 hole. That allows wheels to be swapped with tabs, and vice versa. Use wheels to bring boat to drop it into the water. Then pull out pins, remove wheels, and install lifting tabs instead, to go faster. 

Lifting Tabs Benefits.
  • Decrease inflatable boat drag.
  • Offer better performance than outboard hydrofoil wings.
  • Get on a plane much faster with no need to shift weights forward.
  • Get on plane faster with only one boat operator.
  • Reduce proposing, hopping and cavitation at higher speeds.
  • In the choppy conditions, boat will plane slower, for more comfort.
  • Execute tighter turns while maintaining lower speeds.
  • Reduce or eliminate backsplash sprays over the transom.
  • Inflatable boats can save on fuel, and therefore increase distance.
  • Go faster in a NO WAKE zone.
  • Easy to install and remove. 
  • Work with most types of inflatable boats.
  • Tabs are made from corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Tabs are swappable with transom wheels, using same bracket system.
  • Download Tabs System Assembly instructions
  • Please note, tabs angle to the transom can be adjusted. Experiment with angle to find best performance.

Lifting Tabs on 11' Saturn SD330. Before and After:

Customer's video tabs install on FB385. Skip to 2.22 time.

I am excited about the lifting tabs, but like everything else you buy online the instructions are atrocious.
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Tab System Assembly Instructions (Tab_System_Assembly_Instructions.pdf, 281 Kb) [Download]

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