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14' Heavy-Duty KaBoat FKB430


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Saturn 14' Heavy-Duty Fishing Inflatable KaBoat™ FKB430.

Slim profile for better speeds with smaller outboards. Inflatable V-Keel. Heat welded seams!

Narrow profile means this boat can go faster with smaller outboard motors! New addition to our popular extra heavy-duty series of FB fishing inflatable boats - Saturn KaBoat with extra features, to take fishing to the next level. Real fishing machine!

With similar features as Saturn FB boats, but more slim, narrow hull for going faster with smaller outboard engines. Even 5-6HP will fly that boat nice and easy.

FKB430 Fishing KaBoat features extra wide rub strakes along keel and bottom tubes. There are also extra wide rub strakes also on top of tubes. Protection all around!

Similar to Saturn FB series inflatable vessels FKB430 also feature set of two grommeted PVC strips that are shifted off center of tubes, leaving more than enough space to store fishing rods, bags and gear on top of tubes. Any type of cargo, duffel bags, boxes, etc can be lashed down using bungee cords, ropes, tied downs or straps using grommets in splash guards. Area between splash guards protected by extra wide rub strake, so that to avoid accidental damages to top of boat tubes.

Saturn Heavy Duty Fishing KaBoat FKB430 Tech Specs

Optional motor mount can be installed in the bow section of FKB430 KaBoat. Four mounting brackets already there. Motor mount available in our Accessories section. Electric trolling motor can be then added in a bow, to keep boat steady in a river stream. In addition, two sockets for detachable fishing rod holders were added on top of tubes in the bow area.

For easier deployment and to reduce weight, FKB430 KaBoat features high pressure air deck floor. This floor is same as used in inflatable stand up paddle boards. It is very rigid once fully inflated. Floor can be covered with marine carpet, vinyl flooring or foam yoga mat to protect it against accidental punctures or cuts. Just cut it to fit inside boat, on top of air deck floor.


  • German Heytex 0.9mm heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC.
  • Double line of grommet lines to secure cargo on top of tubes.
  • Splash guards with safety grab rope.
  • Safety pressure release valve.
  • Inflatable V-keel under air deck floor.
  • Heat welded seams for better durability in hot climate.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on top of tubes.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on bottom of tubes.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on bottom of keel.
  • Detachable bow motor mount for electric trolling motor.
  • Towing D-rings in a bow section of the boat.
  • Two mounting brackets for fishing rod holders.
  • High pressure drop stitch air deck floor included.
  • Front stainless steel handle with integrated D-ring for anchor rope.
  • Included: hand pump, pair of oar, 2 rod holders, manual, repair kit, 3 aluminum benches and carry bag.
  • Motor mount optional, not included. Available in Accessories section.
  • BONUS, FREE GIFT - Two high quality fishing rod holders included.

Videos of older version of Saturn FKB430 (formerly MARS)

Please note that boat shown in this video is under inflated. When boat is fully inflated, there should be no wrinkles on tubes, and tubes, keel and air deck should be as hard as rock. Air pressure for tubes 25kps, keel 30kpa and floor about 60-70kpa.

Customer's video of first ride. 

Dark Gray
Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
1000 lbs
Max Motor Power:
10HP 4-stroke or 15HP 2-stroke
Tube Shipping Size:
Tube Weight:
138 lbs
Shipping Weight:
147 lbs
Floor Type:
140mm Air Deck Floor

I have been afraid to take out my inflatables to the nearby river and stream, there are quite a lot of branches that stick out of the water close to shore as well as places where some rocks stick out and often one can accidentally go over them. So I was stoked to be able to purchase this boat, it is indeed heavy-duty, it's strong and it feels structurally very well built with lots of reinforcement everywhere. I do try and avoid them as much as I can but now I have the peace of mind knowing my inflatable is built like a tank, I feel likes it's less likely to puncture or have any abrasions while going along the stream. Last weekend I did accidentally go over some branches, I felt them as I went over, and later on, I flipped the boat over and I could see the rubber had been scratched a bit but it was superficial, the extra rubber did its job well.

I've had over 5 inflatable boats throughout the years, some still working just fine and so far this is one of the best acquisitions I have made. The Saturn/Mars brans are so far one of the best ones to invest in, they have some of the best prices and great quality I look for in my inflatables.

I am quite satisfied with my purchase, after hours of trying to make the right decision I settled on this 14" heavy-duty version.

It arrived on time and without any issues, I contacted the support staff on several occasions with questions and although it's all done through email I found them to be helpful and quite expedient on the process.

Although I was not the happiest with the color choice, considering the price and quality it was the best option for me in terms of quality to cost ratio and besides its aesthetic is growing on me.

Overall Boatstogo is proved to be quite an excellent supplier, I look forward to using them more in the future.

I managed to fit 4 people in it although it was a bit pushing it, it was a really fun wild ride. This thing can really take off, my 15 HP Yamaha was a bit overkill but really fun to drive on it. I have used it a total of 6 times, every weekend since I got it and so far no issues, this was a great deal, if I have any ussues I will come back to update.

I bought this inflatable because I am looking for something sturdy and yet highly portable and it's exactly what I needed. This boat fits in the back of my car really well, I just need to take good care of deflating fully and it is easy to fold up and carry around, the carry bag works well assuming you did a job deflating, because of the heavy duty design it can sometimes be a challenege to fold if you dont do it with care. The boat feels like its really high quality and the manufacturer did a great job, it is a great looking boat.
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