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High Pressure Hand Pump

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Generic SUP hand air pump for inflation of inflatable boats, rafts, kayaks, SUP paddle boards and more with pushpin valve. Great for high pressure drop-stitch inflatable air floors and SUP paddle boards. Can inflate up to 15PSI.

This stirrup hand pump is tall and thin with a good air capacity and an aluminum shaft which allows it to inflate boat, raft or kayak very quickly. It is same type of pumps that supplied with Saturn inflatable boats, rafts, kayaks and Kaboats.

Our Saturn SUP pump comes with valve adaptor already installed. If it need to be used with different brand of inflatables, you will need to cut out original adaptor and replace it with your brand adaptor as a DIY project.

Pump comes with rubber seal installed on adaptor that is designed for tight fit to prevent air from escaping. Please press hard when inserting into the valve and then rotate to latch to valve. Rubber seal removable.

Please note that pressure gauge is not included with this pump.

Please see FAQ What is the working air pressure, and do I need a pressure gauge?

Max Pressure:
15PSI (1 Bar)

be careful with the connector , one of my ears broke off , so I have to pump with one hand and hold pressure down with the other

Good price, it gets the job done so I am happy.
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