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High Pressure Hand Pump

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Saturn air pump specifically developed for Saturn Inflatable Boats, Kayaks, Rafts KaBoat or any type if high pressure drop-stitch inflatable chambers.

This stirrup hand pump is tall and thin with a good air capacity and an aluminum shaft which allows it to inflate boat, raft or kayak very quickly. It is same type of pumps that supplied with Saturn inflatable boats, rafts, kayaks and Kaboats.

Our Saturn SUP pump comes with Naru valve adaptor already installed. If it need to be used with different brand of inflatables, you will need to cut out original adaptor and replace it with your brand adaptor as a DIY project.

Please note that pressure gauge is not included with this pump.

Please see FAQ What is the working air pressure, and do I need a pressure gauge?

Comes complete with Saturn NARU valve adaptor installed:
Effortless smooth action:
4ft Flexible Air Hose:
Max Pressure:
15PSI (1 Bar)

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