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Inflatable Boats


If you live close to the water, or ever wanted to boating, but lack the resources or storage space for a conventional boat, then now is the time to consider a BoatsToGo inflatable boat.

Inflatable boats take up as much space as a piece of luggage when deflated, which means they can be stored virtually anywhere. Imagine taking your boat out of the closet, putting it in your trunk, leaving your home or apartment, and heading to the water. Inflation takes mere minutes, and then you are ready for a full day of fishing, fun, and exploration by relaxing paddle or exhilarating speeds by motor. Best of all, at the end of the day simply let the air out, roll up your boat and store until the next time.

PVC vs. Hypalon Inflatable Boats:

  • It is true that Hypalon boats last about twice as long as PVC boats. Hypalon in a rubber material that is resistant to heat and humidity, main enemies of PVC made boats. However, consider this:
  • At price of 1 Hypalon boat you can buy 2 PVC boats. That would mean that once PVC boat will get near its lifetime, you can always buy 2nd PVC boat, and have new PVC boat, instead of old Hypalon boat.
  • Why pay double for Hypalon boat that will lasts 10 years, if you may not even know for sure if you will be even boating 8 or 9 years later?
  • PVC boat will lasts on average 5-6 years when it properly taken care off. We have some customers that still have 10 year old Saturn PVC boats and claim these boats are still good.
  • PVC boats need to be stored in a well ventilated, shaded area when not in use, or covered with boat cover, while Hypalon boat does not require much care.
  • While Hypalon boats are best suited for hot and humid climate of Caribbean and Central or South America, you can still get very decent use of PVC boat given its low price.
  • Hypalon boats always leak a little bit of air via its seams. PVC boats remains more air tight than Hypalon boats.