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14' Heavy-Duty KaBoat FKB430
MSRP: $2,598.00  
Dark GrayLight Gray
10' Heavy-Duty Boat FB300
MSRP: $2,598.00  
Dark Gray w/Air FloorGreen w/Alum Floor
9.6' Inflatable Budget Boats CB290
MSRP: $998.00  
Aqua BlueAqua Blue-OrangeGreenLight GrayOrangeOrange-YellowYellowYellow-Blue
13' Heavy-Duty Boat FB385
MSRP: $3,198.00  
Dark Gray w/Air FloorGreen w/Air Floor
12' Inflatable Budget Boats CB365
MSRP: $1,398.00  
Dark GrayGrayGreenRed
12' Inflatable Boats SD365
MSRP: $2,198.00  
Dark GrayGrayRed
13' Inflatable Boats SD385
MSRP: $2,598.00  
Dark GrayLight GrayRed
13.8' Inflatable Boats SD415
MSRP: $2,798.00  
BlueLight GrayRed
14' Inflatable Boats SD430
MSRP: $3,198.00  
Light GrayRed
15' Inflatable Boats SD470
MSRP: $3,398.00  
Dark GrayLight Gray
16' Inflatable Boats SD488
MSRP: $3,598.00  
Dark GrayLight GrayRed

What is Inflatable Boat?

If you've ever dreamt of skimming across the water, exploring hidden coves, or casting your line into tranquil lakes, but the idea of owning a conventional boat seemed out of reach, think again! Now is the perfect moment to turn those dreams into reality with a BoatsToGo inflatable boat.

Picture this: you live near the water or have always longed for boating adventures, but space and resources have held you back. Well, fear not! Our inflatable boats are the ultimate solution. When deflated, they shrink down to the size of a suitcase, meaning you can stash them practically anywhere. Just imagine grabbing your boat from the closet, tossing it in your trunk, and setting off from your home or apartment to the water's edge. In just minutes, with a few simple pumps, your boat springs to life, ready to take on a day of fishing, fun, and exploration.

Whether you prefer the serene rhythm of paddling or the adrenaline rush of speeding along with a motor, our inflatable boats have you covered. And when the day's adventures are done, simply deflate, roll up, and store your boat until the next escapade calls your name.

Don't let limited space or resources stand in the way of your aquatic dreams any longer. With BoatsToGo, the water's edge is yours to explore whenever the mood strikes. Let the adventures begin

How Tough are Inflatable Boats. See This Customer's Video.

Let's delve into the comparison between PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats:

  1. Durability:
    • Hypalon boats are known to last approximately twice as long as PVC boats due to their resistance to heat and humidity, which are the main adversaries of PVC boats.
  2. Cost Efficiency:
    • While Hypalon boats may offer superior longevity, it's essential to consider the cost factor. For the price of one Hypalon boat, you can purchase two PVC boats. This means that as one PVC boat approaches the end of its lifespan, you can always acquire a second PVC boat, providing you with a new vessel rather than an aging Hypalon one.
  3. Longevity:
    • On average, PVC boats properly maintained can last around 5-6 years. However, there are instances where Saturn PVC boats have lasted over 10 years and are still in good condition, as reported by some of our customers.
  4. Maintenance:
    • PVC boats require diligent maintenance, including storage in a well-ventilated, shaded area when not in use or covering with a boat cover. In contrast, Hypalon boats demand less care.
  5. Climate Suitability:
    • While Hypalon boats excel in hot and humid climates like the Caribbean and Central or South America, PVC boats can still offer decent performance, especially considering their lower price point.
  6. Air Tightness:
    • PVC boats generally maintain better air tightness compared to Hypalon boats, as Hypalon boats tend to leak a small amount of air through their seams.

Ultimately, the choice between PVC and Hypalon boats depends on your specific needs, budget, and intended usage. While Hypalon boats offer superior durability, PVC boats provide a cost-effective alternative with satisfactory performance, making them a viable option for many boating enthusiasts.

The Benefits of Inflatable Boats Vs. Regular Hard Body Boats

Years ago, when someone wanted to buy a boat, the only great option was to go with a traditional hard body vessel. Simply put, it was the only way to get a truly great experience out on the water. But with improvements in technology, inflatable boats have improved by leaps and bounds, putting them on par with the fiberglass boats we all grew up with. In fact, in certain areas they are actually superior. Here are some of the benefits of inflatable boats vs. regular hard hull boats that you should consider when deciding on your next watercraft:

Lower Direct Cost

Inflatable boats can give you the same experience as comparable hard hull boats at a fraction of the cost. This starts with the price of the vessel itself, which can be many thousands of dollars less without having to sacrifice any performance or comfort at all. Depending on your situation, you can get into a high-quality inflatable motor boat for easily under $1,500, including a motor. And because of the lightweight design of these rafts, you can get the same or better performance with a much smaller motor.

Lower Indirect Cost

One of the main disadvantages of traditional boats is that even after you pay a high price for them, they still cost you a lot of money each month for things like storage, transport, upkeep and fuel. But with inflatable motor boats, these costs are almost non-existent. Because of the fact they can be easily deflated and transported in your trunk, these are truly portable boats. That means you won’t have to buy a trailer or pay someone to bring it down to the water for you. It also means no dock fees, as your new inflatable boat can be stored in your closet or garage. Add that to the limited amount of upkeep they require, and the fact that they are much more fuel efficient because of their lightweight design, and your monthly boat expenses will be extremely small.

Increased Versatility

The fact that these are truly portable boats makes inflatables much more versatile. They can be used in virtually any body of water, packed and taken on an airplane for a vacation with your family or used as a tender or safety raft on a larger boat. Many of them can also be easily changed into vessels you can paddle, row, use with a motor or sometimes even sail. That makes them great for all different activities, such as: a fishing expedition, a calm day out sailing with the family, whitewater rafting or speeding around a lake or ocean.

High-Level Performance

Compared to traditional boats, inflatable motor boats have many advantages when it comes to performance. That is why they are often a top choice for certain military expeditions and first responders. Their lightweight design allows them to fly through the water and make sharp turns with much less horsepower than a traditional boat. Their modern design and materials also makes them extremely solid and sturdy, so you will feel safe and secure. They are even solid enough for you to stand up on them while fishing.