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Catamaran SUP Frame


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Aluminum Catamaran Frame for Inflatable Paddle Boards.

Convert 2 paddle boards into an electric or sail catamaran.

Great for pleasure cruising for 1-2 people or fishing. Heavy-duty set of 2 aluminum frames, designed to join together 2 inflatable SUP Paddle Boards to make catamaran type of vessel. Frames can be break down into smaller pieces for easy storage. Comes with transom on one of tubes, so that electric trolling motor can be installed on it.

Frame section with a transom can be installed in various ways, so that trolling motor can be installed in front, or in rear. In both configurations, location of transom can allow easy access to tiller handle of trolling motor for comfortable operation.

Various types of beach chairs or kayak seats can be installed on both SUPs for comfortable ride and enjoyment. If no D-rings available on a top of SUP paddle board to attach beach chairs, then chairs can be secured directly to frame tubes with tie downs.

This frame can also be used for DIY project of converting 2 inflatable SUPs into sail catamaran. Please note that this is DIY project, and we do not provide detailed instructions. However, having 2 frames joining 2 SUPs or kayaks. it become possible to mount sail pedestal and keel on a front frame, and attach rudder or oar to rear frame, so that to create sail catamaran.

Frames attach to hulls of 2 paddle boards, placed side by side, by running 1.5" tie down straps under hull of each SUPs, and securing to tie down clamps. Bottom of frames has rubber layer attached to it, so that to reduce slippage. Once frames installed to both SUPs, there might be some play in movements, which does not affect functionality or performance of catamaran going under power over waves. To make frame more rigid, install it while SUP only inflated about 60-80%, pull tie downs firmly, and then finish inflation.

If installing electric trolling motor in front of catamaran, rotate tiller handle 180 degree for comfortable operation. To do that, remove screws holding top housing of trolling motor, rotate it 180 degree and then re-install screw back. If installing trolling motor in rear, do not install fins on paddle boards, to make catamaran more responsive for turns.

  • Works with all inflatable SUPs up to 32" wide.
  • Shipping Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Shipping size: 24"x17"x5"
  • Product weight: 17 lbs.
  • Stainless steel hardware included.
  • Assembly Instructions available.

Unboxing and assembly of Catamaran Frame.

Testing SUP Catamaran with 3HP and 55Lbs Electric Motor.

Make catamaran out of 2 inflatable SUP paddle boards.

Videos of Catamaran Frame Test with 2 different SUP Paddle Boards

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Assembly Manual (Catamaran-Frame-Assembly-Manual.pdf, 507 Kb) [Download]