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13.5' Paddle Board / Kayak


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13.5' Inflatable Hybrid SUP / Kayak for 1-2 persons.

The only SUP on a market that can be used as a Stand Up Paddle board or as a sit-on-top kayak for 1-2 people!
  • New, V2.0 model, now comes with multiple D-rings to install electric motor mount, or convert 2 SUPs into motorized catamaran!
  • 2 removable fins, in front and rear, makes all the difference, between going slow and gliding fast!
  • Comes in 2 configurations - Regular, and Racing with pointed rear section.
  • Great water craft to use with our new Electric Fins!

New streamlined design, unique crossover between inflatable SUP paddle board and sit-on-top inflatable kayak for 1 or 2 people. Extra thick 6" drop stitch high pressure air deck hull, that is excellent for stand up paddle boarding. Takes up to 15psi of air pressure, but even 8-10psi is enough for this board to be used for standing. Very fast and easy to paddle. Can reach up to 5-6 mph max speed.

Sets of 8 D-rings allow installation of either one seat in a middle of the board, for one person kayaking, or two seats for tandem kayaking. Board large enough to support 2 adults of about 180 lbs each, or one adult up to 250-280 lbs in a middle. Can also support 3 kids for fun on a water.

What makes this inflatable board unique, is 2(two!) removable fins, one in front and one in rear. That allows excellent tracking when kayaking. To use for paddle boarding, only rear fin can be installed. Or 2, if using board as SUP in a windy condition.

Regular kayak seats can be attached to D-rings installed on top of inflatable board. However, for best comfort we suggest using low sand beach chairs, sold in Walmart for only $10! Use regular tie downs or Velcro straps to secure beach chairs to D-rings. Not only beach seats offer excellent back support, but also keep riders higher than regular kayak seats, and therefore offering drier ride in a choppy water conditions. Fishing rods, umbrellas or gear can be then mounted to beach chairs. Customization are limitless.

Now comes in 2 choices - Regular and Racing. Both models are same specs, difference only in rear section. Idea behind pointed end of Racing model was to improve trailing of water flow in rear. Also, when using with rowing add-on kit, it possible to row against wing, and then open beach umbrella and ride backward down wind, with pointed end cutting through the water.

New version 2.0 now comes with extra seat of D-rings that allows mounting optional aluminum or wooden board across 2 boards to make electric motor or even sail catamaran. Or, one wooden or aluminum board can be placed across SUP board with optional motor mount installed on one side, to convert it into electric motor kayak.

SATURN Inflatable SUP Specs:

  • Great all-around inflatable paddle boards for flats and ocean surf.
  • Our multi-sport SUP/Kayak boards are great for family fun and fitness.
  • Set of D-rings along board sides for 1 or 2 kayak seat attachments.
  • Can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1 or 2 adults.
  • All Saturn SUPs constructed of 150mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Two easily removable large fins for excellent tracking in any condition.
  • Board can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure.
  • High-pressure hand pump, 2 fins, and repair kit are included.
  • Free, complimentary carry bag provided as a gift bonus.
  • Kayak or SUP paddles NOT included. Available on Amazon.
  • Electric motor, wooden boards or motor mounts NOT included. Motors available here, electric fin here.
  • Seats NOT included. Cheap $15 sand chairs available in Walmart. More advanced chairs available in our Accessories section.

Saturn Inflatable Tandem Kayak SUP414 Board V2.0

Inflatable DIY Catamaran using 2x SUP414 Board V2.0

Saturn Inflatable Tandem Kayak SUP414 Board V1.0

Saturn Inflatable Tandem Kayak SUP415 Board

Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
380 lbs
Folded Size:
33 x 13 x 13"
Shipping Weight:
39 lbs
30 lbs

I am using mines with 2 tommy Bahamas chairs, it looks so good. I had no idea you could sit in a SUP and have it be so comfortable and fun to use, I did find it to be easier if both me and my girlfriend are paddling at the same time otherwise it's not going to do much with so much weight on it. The price is really good, the quality is on par with other more expensive brands. The shipping was fast too so I have very little to complain about.

The board is very light weight so it is really easy to carry around with you, it also deflates to a very small space. I terms of easy of use it is one of the most portable SUPs I have ever used in my life. I am able to throw it in the trunk or backseat when I am done, it is very easy to use. Now I never have a good excuse to use it to paddle board.

Really great for paddling, it goes pretty fast. I have had a good experience with this SUP, I can't speak for yours but considering the price to feature ratio it is an absolute steal.
The blue is very eye catching and it feels like really high quality manufacturing.

3 stars - mainly for the cheap paddle that comes with it.
I love the SUP, it's a steal at this price. The paddle however, broke (sheared) in half - after about 10 uses - and is not repairable. Luckily I had a spare paddle with me or it would have put me in a really dangerous situation.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy this, but for your own sake, please get a different paddle.

I was surprised how long it is, it feels stable though and does not weight much. Very good SUP, good quality even better price. I recommend it.

Very nice SUP, good quality, very light. Beautiful price.

I was a bit scared it might be unstable and hard to use but once I got to try it I could tell it was not an issue, you have to be trying to flip it. It looks great and its easy to use. Been having a lot of fun using it.

This SUP is wild. You can sit on it and even bring a friend. I love having the ability to choose, it really gives me more bang for my buck. So far so good, I love it.
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Inflatable SUP Manual (SUP-Manual.pdf, 327 Kb) [Download]

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