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Folding Kayak Paddle

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3-Pieces Lightweight Folding Kayak Paddle.

3 piece is optimal combination - more portable than 2 piece, which is good for travel. But, less pieces to snap together than 4 piece paddle, which reduces shaft vibration and weight.

High Impact Blades – This kayak paddle’s blades are constructed of high-impact polypropylene and fiberglass that boast durability and stability. Its resistant to corrosion, tension, and mechanical elongation.

Asymmetrical Blade Shapes – This paddle has an asymmetrical blade for easy, efficient, and smooth strokes, helping you direct yourself against the current. The shape helps the blade go deeper into the water for extra power and maneuverability.

Drip Guards – The paddle features sturdy and dependable rubber drip guards that keep excess water from running down the shaft while out you’re out on kayaking excursions. It also has a shaft material covers that prevents from losing grip while paddling.

Anodized Aluminum Shaft – Kayak paddle has well-built anodized aluminum handles for exceptional resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Great for Fishing - Kayak paddle blades has hooks at each end to make it easier to grab to fishing line if needed.

This sports paddle will fit the needs of novices and pros in canoeing and kayaking. The blades can adjust at 60-degree angles or in-line, for left- or right-handed control, making it a highly functional.

  • Assembled paddle: 85" long
  • Weight: 2 lbs (32 oz).
  • Folded size: 31"
2.4 lbs
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