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Payment Policy

We accept the following methods of payment:
  • Major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.
  • Personal checks from US banks only (up to 7 days clearance).
  • Certified bank checks from US banks only (3-4 days clearance).
  • Bank wire transfers (no delay once received).
  • USPS Money Orders (no delay once received).
  • Western Union (no delay once received). WU App for iPhone and Android phones now accept credit cards.
  • Electronic check payment. All banks these days offer Internet on-line Pay Bill options, where you can issue check by adding BoatsToGo as a payee, and then sending electronic check payment directly from your computer. No need to write checks and mail envelopes. Your bank will mail payment for you!
  • With QuickPay by Zelle, you can send payment directly from your on-line banking instantly! No delay. No need to mail check or bank wire. Visit Zelle to find out if your bank offers that option. Simply login into your on-line banking app on your phone, tablet or desktop, and look for QuickPay or Zelle payment option. For example, if you have Chase bank, login at, and select QuickPay by Zelle, under Pay & Transfer. If your bank or credit union doesn't offer QuickPay or Zelle, then download the Zelle app from app store of your cell phone. It is possible that daily limit can be set at $500 for new users. In that case, payment can be split in a half, one a day. First part of payment one day and balance next day. Either way, still much faster than mailing a check. To send payment use this email:
For ALL credit card payments:
  • Due to the high value of some products, we ship only to the address where the customer receives their credit card billing statements. In other words - we ship ONLY to the credit card BILLING address. NO EXCEPTIONS! We are required by credit cards to ship to the billing address in order to be protected against credit card frauds and chargebacks.
  • If the customer needs to ship to the address that does not match the credit card billing address, or if your billing address is a PO BOX, and you need to ship the merchandise to your alternative home address, these are the options: Payment by Personal or Bank check, Money Order, Western Union, Bill Pay, Zelle or Bank Wire transfer.
  • Customers may also contact a Credit Card issuing Bank and temporarily set an alternative shipping address as the PRIMARY Billing Address. These changes has to be done 12 hours BEFORE order is placed, because it takes time to update new address into card system. After item has been shipped out, the customer may contact his/her Credit Card issuing the Bank once again and switch the Billing Address back to the original.
  • We DO NOT accept credit card payments for orders outside of the Continental US or Canada. Payments outside of Continental US or Canada are accepted in a form of Bank Wire transfer or Western Union. Please visit our Shipping policy for more information about shipping abroad.
  • All local pickup orders paid by credit cards are ONLY released to original credit card holders with proper identification present, with credit card used to place order in hands and ready for verification. Items will NOT be released to 2nd or 3rd parties, only to original credit card holder who must sign on invoice at the time of pickup.
  • All refunds on credit card paid orders, canceled after credit card was already processed, are subject of transaction fees. Every time credit card is processed or refunded, we get charged 3% processing fees on that by merchant bank. If order canceled not due to our fault, refunds on order over $500 will be issued via check with 3% deducted from total of refund, or via credit card, with 6% refunded from total due. Please make sure you know what you order, your needs and deadlines before placing orders with credit card. Credit cards are not getting processed for free.

All payments from Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean or Puerto Rico and abroad have to be in the form of either:

It is easy to pay via Western Union directly from your cell phone using new WU Money Transfer App for iPhone and Android phones. Western Union now accepts credit card to send payments directly from your cell phone. Also, Zelle Quick Pay is instant payment option directly from bank account.

No COD or Financing. All orders must be paid in full before delivery. All local pickup orders are subject to a 7% FL state tax.

We ship ALL products over $500 in value via FedEx Ground with Signature confirmation. FedEx Ground does not deliver to PO Boxes.

Please email with your name/address and model number to request an Invoice if needed.

Question: What if I am not at home and want boat to be shipped to different address?

Answer: Payments by check, USPS money order, bank wire transfer, on-line bill payment or Western Union can be shipped to any address in lower 48 states, except PO Box. If you want to pay with credit card and ship to different address, then the only option is to call your bank, and set your shipping address as a primary billing address for your credit card before placing order with us. After you received our boat, you can call bank and switch billing address back to what it was before.

Question: Why are clearance on personal checks so long, 7 days?

Answer: Thanks to a recent customer who changed his mind and decided to cancel his order by placing stop payment on his personal check without notifying us first. If the order can't wait, and has to be shipped to an address that is different than the credit card billing address, then please provide payment via bank wire transfer. It is easy, quick, and all banks allow you to make wire transfers on-line, over the phone or in person. Blank Pro Forma Invoice available here.

Click Here for more information about our Shipping Policy.