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Saturn Inflatable Catamaran Boats.

Saturn introduces line of new and affordable watercrafts - Inflatable Mini Cats. Simple and versatile design along with catamaran-type hull allows easy planning and decent speeds even with a smaller power rating motors.

Inflatable catamaran

However, Mini Cat type of watercrafts were not designed to be sport racers. Even that they do look cool and sporty, they luck secondary inflatable sponsors under main tubes and fiberglass bow wings, as racing type of XCAT have. Mini Cats were designed to be affordable watercraft that can go swift even with a small gas outboard or inexpensive trolling motor. Getting you on a water on a budget was a goal here.

Inflatable Catamarans:
Inflatable Nano Cat NC290
Inflatable Mini Cat MC330
Inflatable Mini Cat MC365
Exterior Length 9.6' 11' 12'
Exterior Width 47" 6' 6.8'
Interior Width 14" 3' 3.4'
Tube Diameter 16.5" 17" 20"
Shipping Weight 60 lbs 115 lbs 130 lbs
Person Capacity 2 4+1 5
Weight Capacity 600 lbs 1200 lbs 1400 lbs
Chambers 2+1 4+1 4+1
Material 1100 Denier PVC 1100 Denier PVC 1100 Denier PVC
Max. Engine 2.5HP 9.9HP 9.9HP
Inflation time up to 8 min. up to 10 min. up to 10 min.
Color green red red
Video of Saturn Inflatable Catamaran Boat