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Compact Pedal Drive

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New Design Compact Pedal Drive.

Lightweight Design.

Replacement for existing pedal drive or for DIY project, such as pedal kayak or catamaran.

Same dimensions as other type of pedal drives, including one that comes with PK365 pedal kayak.

  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • Shipping Size: 30x9x5"

This is a really nice replacement for the original pedal drive on the PK365 inflatable kayak. It is much lighter than the original and has the larger Hoodoo style prop. It doesn't have the cutouts in the bracket for the velcro tiedowns like the original, but after using it with and without tiedowns, I find that with its smaller profile lower unit, it bounces over obstructions better without them. I had to adjust the position of the motor mount like a quarter of an inch toward the bow for the pedals to have enough clearance from the deck, but otherwise, it worked right out of the box. It's as noisy as the original drive unit, which isn't too bad, and it may quiet down a little as the gears wear down some. It drives me upstream easily and I am very happy with this replacement drive.
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Pedal Drive Manual (Pedal-Drive-Manual.pdf, 1,844 Kb) [Download]