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Saturn Budget Boats

Saturn Affordable Inflatable Boats.

Same Materials and Quality as Expensive, but at lower prices!

If you are looking for inexpensive inflatable boat to fit your tight budget, look no further! New line of Saturn budget inflatable boats offers lowest prices ever. You can't find comparable features and quality inflatable boats anywhere else. No on Amazon, not on Ebay, not in a Walmart or Costco.

Saturn budget boats offers premium quality and attention to details at budget pleasing prices. And, also offer premium features, such as high pressure drop stitch floor, optional keel and 2 years warranty. Most cheap boats sold on Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere has plastic handles. If they would have enough experience in selling inflatable boats, they would know that all plastic handles usually fall off after 1-2 years of use or storage. That is why Saturn only uses soft or PVC handle, not plastic handles.

What makes Budget Saturn boats different from other Saturn boats? They are smaller is size, smaller tube diameter, more narrow, no inflatable keel, no double layers on bottom of the fabric. But, it very well possible that you simply don't need all these extra bells and whistles.

Saturn Budget Inflatable boats are great as small dinghy for sail boat or medium size yacht. It great for fishing or weekend cruiser on a bay, river or lake. Also can be used in an ocean on a quite day with light swell.

The Saturn CB line may be our entry level boat, but make no mistake, there is nothing entry level about this top performance boats.

Customer's video of CB365 unboxing and comparing to SD365


Question: How Saturn CB budget series boats are differ from Saturn SD boats?

Answer: CB boats are made from same 0.9mm German Heytex PVC fabric, with same heat welded seam technology as regular SD boats.  As far as being heavy duty and workmanship, these are similar boats. However, CB boats are more narrow, have much smaller tube diameter, luck 2nd layer of PVC on bottom of tubes, splash guards on top of tubes, and splash guards over transom holders. Also CB boats are flat bottom boats, while SD boats are V-keel boats with inflatable keels. While flat bottom boats perform perfectly well in a forward, they might be less responsive in a reverse. CB boats can be outfitted with DIY foam noodle keel, attached to Velcro straps under air floor. CB boats are great alternative for more expensive SD boats, despite above limitations. CB boats can work perfectly well as a small dinghy or tender for main ship, as light fishing boat or weekend pleasure cruiser.