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12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak FPK365

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12' Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive FPK365 - V2.0.

Fin pedal drive offer efficient, lightweight and compact propulsion method as an alternative for paddling with kayak paddles. There are always more power and endurance in human legs than arms.

Introducing the all-new 12' Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive - FPK365 V2.0! 

  • Splash guards added in front and rear.
  • Alum gear track added to right side, for optional rudder lever mount. Available here.
  • Mount rail added to rear splash guard for optional rudder system attachment.
  • Rear handles moved to sides.
  • New, improved locking system for fin pedal drive.

Experience the ultimate in water exploration with our latest innovation. Say goodbye to traditional paddling and embrace the power of your legs with our efficient fin pedal drive system. It's lightweight, compact, and offers superior propulsion compared to standard kayak paddles. 

But that's not all - we've made significant upgrades to enhance your adventure. The V2.0 model now features splash guards in the front and rear, ensuring a drier and more comfortable ride. Plus, we've added an aluminum gear track on the right side, perfect for mounting optional rudder levers for precise navigation. 

With its versatile design, the FPK365 can be used solo or tandem. Attach your favorite beach chair using our secure double D-ring system and enjoy the ride in comfort. And when you're ready for tandem mode, simply remove the pedal drive and grab your kayak paddles for an exhilarating team adventure. 

Don't miss out on the excitement - order your FPK365 V2.0 today and elevate your kayaking experience to new heights!

Saturn FPK365V1 Pedal Kayak Specs

The inflatable pedal kayak V2.0 presents various steering mechanisms to suit diverse preferences and operational ease. The primary and simplest method involves using a kayak paddle for directional adjustments during straight-line navigation, which is the predominant mode of travel. The integrated fins underneath the kayak aid in maintaining straight movement, while minor paddle strokes enable effortless adjustments for turning or reversing.

Alternatively, users can adopt the technique of securing one end of the kayak paddle blade under the left or right armpit, allowing the other end to trail freely in the water towards the kayak's rear. This configuration functions akin to a rudimentary rudder, facilitating subtle corrections in kayak direction while pedaling.

The latest iteration, the 2.0 version, introduces an enhanced steering feature with the inclusion of an additional mounting rail at the rear of the kayak. This rail accommodates an optional rudder system equipped with a lever, available separately in our Accessories section. Moreover, a rear-end cone aperture is provided for those interested in installing a DIY pin rudder system, readily available for purchase on platforms like Amazon.

The Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak incorporates accessory rail tracks tailored for the effortless attachment of optional equipment such as fishing rod holders, cup holders, and fish finders. Additionally, dedicated paddle holders are integrated on the left side, complemented by a bungee cords storage area for securing miscellaneous items during excursions.

Furthermore, a set of four D-rings is strategically positioned atop the kayak's tubes to facilitate the installation of a DIY electric motor mount, offering enhanced propulsion capabilities. Refer to the Attachments tab for comprehensive guidance. For optimal installation, a horizontal 8" wide plywood board can be securely fastened using a pair of tie-downs running between D-rings on each tube. Subsequently, a vertical wooden motor plate can be affixed to the board, either on the side of the kayak or through a designated hole in the kayak floor.

Notably, the rotomolded well designed for housing the pedal drive is conveniently removable and can be extracted from the deflated kayak. To facilitate its removal and installation, it is recommended to employ a soapy water mixture or shampoo, ensuring a smoother transition. Avoid attempting to force-fit the rotomolded mount onto a dry surface, as it snugly fits inside the cut-out in the drop-stitch floor.

Saturn FPK365 Inflatable Kayak Specifications:

  • Length - 12'
  • Tube diameter - 8"
  • Floor thickness - 6"
  • Inside width - 22"
  • Max weight - 300 lbs
  • Packing Size - 32'' x 22'' x 13''
  • Kayak weight - 43 lbs
  • Pedal Drive weight - 12 lbs
  • Shipping Size - 41'' x 24" x 14''
  • Shipping Weight - 68 lbs
  • Pedal drive is saltwater ready. Flashing with fresh water after each use is highly recommended.
  • Recommended air pressure for tubes 25kpa and floor is 60kpa. Electric inflator recommended.
  • Any type of beach chair, sand chair, lawn chair, etc (not included) can be mounted on top of this kayak.
  • Included: fin pedal drive, hand pump, 2 removable fins and rotomolded well for pedal drive.
  • NOT Included: beach chair, fishing rod holders, cup holders, cooler, rudder system. All these items are optional.
  • RUDDER KIT NOT INCLUDED. Available separately.
  • Kayak hull warranty 2 years, Pedal Drive warranty 1 year.

Unboxing Saturn Fin Pedal Kayak FPK365 V1.0 

Customer's review. Hobie Mirage VS Inflatable Saturn FPK365. V1.0 

Introducing Saturn FPK365 Inflatable Pedal Kayak. V1.0 

DIY Rudder Setup for FPK365 Pedal Kayak. V1.0 

  • This is NOT a racing kayak. Do NOT apply too much pressure to pedals to go faster, as that might damage chains and cables. Average kayak speed is 3-4 mph. Do NOT overload pressure with too much powerful pedal strokes. Damage to chain and cables will not be covered by warranty.
  • Do NOT push on pedals too fast. Apply steady, light pressure on pedals to move forward. 1 stroke per 2 seconds is more than enough to move kayak fast forward.
  • If it so happen that lock of pedal drive accidently unlocks during normal operation, additional rubber string can be wrapped over lock handle and secured to self adhesive hook glued to rotomolded well insert. Please see Attachment tab for ideas. Alternatively, rotate rotomolded section 180 degree inside kayak floor. Simply deflate floor, rotate rotomolded part 180 degree and re inflate floor. That should fix unlocking issue.
  • Experiment with different stroke modes. Pedal stokes does not have to be all way from stop to stop. Shorter, half strokes will move kayak fast as well.
  • When in shallow, make sure that fins of pedal drive does NOT hit bottom, as that might damage fins. Move pedals apart, so that fins are flat against kayak bottom.
  • Always carry paddle on a kayak. Do not count only on pedal drive, as things might happen, and paddle can be used instead of pedal drive to get back.
  • Make sure that rotomolded insert oriented in strait line, not under angle. If pedal drive locks are moving during pedaling, that is because pedal drive not looking strait forward. It is normal for pedal drive components and locks to move slightly, due to natural flexibility of rotomolded insert. It is not 100% rigid.
  • Always wear PFD, whistle, communication devices, and notify someone about your trip plans.
  • Spare parts available. Please contact us for spare parts.

Question: Can this kayak be used for fishing, how do I add rod holders?

Answer: Kayak comes with 2 pre-installed accessory gear track mounts. Fishing rod holders, fish finders, and other equipment can be easily installed into these track mounts. Most YakAttack or Railblaza or Ram accessories will work. Optional Scotty glue on fishing rod holders can be glued to top of tubes or floor if needed. Milk crate with fishing rod holders can be placed on floor and secured with bungee cords or lashing tie downs. Possibilities are endless for customers with imagination and good hands.

Question: Why kayaks does not have rudder in a rear pre installed?

Answer: In order to keep price affordable, we decided to opt out of pre-installed kayak rudder. Kayak comes with 2 fins that offer good, strait tracking. Kayak paddle can be used to adjust direction as needed. Optional kayak rudder or complete system can be purchased for DIY install. We now offer new rudder system including cables and lever that designed to work with new V2.0 of pedal kayak. There are various method of operating rear rudder from a cockpit location, and we leave it up to customers to decide final implementation. Please see suggested method of installation in Attachments tab. and videos below.

Question: How to replace broken chain?

Answer: We can provide replacement chain if needed. You will need needle nose pliers and painters tape. Please follow easy direction in this YouTube video. No need to fully remove fin, just pull it down slightly, to feed chain into opening.

This thing is a blast! Legs are obviously far more efficient and powerful than arms. I can pedal all day long. I was considering a Hobie Mirage but garage space is scarce and setting up my trailer is a pain. Air pressures are fairly low so it's much easier to hand pump than a standup paddle board; however, I still recommend an electric air pump. With proper storage, I'm confident that this unit will last. If possible, store unfolded with a bit of air to avoid creases and away from sunlight. The fin drive might disengage for some (depends on how you pedal) so wedging a bit of foam into the roto-molded fin drive well might help secure the latch -- this is the only negative and it's not a big deal. I haven't had this unit long enough to comment on longevity but YMMV greatly based on how you treat and store it.

This 12' inflatable fishing kayak is been a joy! Durable with stable removable fins. Easy to customize with fishing accessories and offers comfortable space for both of us. Inflation takes time and effort, but the kayak is worth it. Customer support was excellent. Overall, a great addition to our fishing trips, providing enjoyable experiences on the water.

Owned the 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak from BoatsToGo for some time ago and it's surpassed expectations. Pleasantly surprised by its stability and comfort. Back support could be improved for longer trips. Overall, a positive experience.

The 12' FPK365 Inflatable Kayak is simply an exceptional product. This isn't my first kayak, but it's certainly my favorite. The pedal drive system works like a charm. It's an easy and powerful method of propulsion that's superior to paddling. This feature gives my arms a break and allows me to take advantage of the strength in my legs for longer excursions.

It’s surprising how versatile this kayak is. I can use it as a single or a tandem, depending on whether I am alone or with a companion. I really appreciate the pre-installed rotomolded well for the pedal drive. The option to use beach chairs on the kayak makes the journey much more comfortable. Whether for pleasure cruising, fitness, or fishing, I'd say the FPK365 is an outstanding choice.

I am thoroughly impressed with the thoughtful design of the Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak. The inclusion of accessory rail tracks provides the opportunity to personalize the kayak with fishing rod holders, cup holders, and even a fish finder. The paddle holders are a convenient feature that keeps my kayak paddle secure and easily accessible. Additionally, the bungee cord storage area offers ample space to store essential items, ensuring a clutter-free and enjoyable ride.

Although I encountered a few challenges with the FPK365 Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive, overall, it has been a fantastic addition to my water adventures. The pedal drive system offers a unique and efficient way to propel the kayak, and the speed it provides is impressive. However, I did find the kayak a bit heavier than expected, which made transportation a bit cumbersome. Nevertheless, the kayak's durability and versatility make it worth considering for those who enjoy pedal-powered water activities.

Although the Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak does not include a beach chair, fishing rod holders, cup holders, or a cooler, this allows you the freedom to personalize your kayak setup according to your specific needs and preferences. BoatsToGo offers a wide range of optional accessories that can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your kayak and create the ultimate watercraft that suits your individual style and requirements. The possibilities are endless, and the ability to personalize your kayak setup is a true advantage.

The FPK365 Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive has brought a new level of enjoyment to my kayaking expeditions. The pedal drive system is a game-changer, allowing me to navigate the water effortlessly and explore at a faster pace. The kayak's stability and durability inspire confidence, even in rougher conditions. I appreciate the thoughtful design, including the accessory tracks for customization options. Whether I'm solo kayaking or paddling with a friend, this kayak provides an unforgettable experience every time.

While there were a few minor hiccups with my 10.6' Saturn Pedal Board SUP Kayak, I must say that overall, I'm still impressed with its performance. The pedal drive system sometimes required a bit of adjustment to ensure smooth operation, but once I got the hang of it, it provided a unique and enjoyable experience on the water. Despite the initial challenges, this kayak still offers great value for the price.

After owning the 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak from BoatsToGo for two years, I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations. The kayak's stability and comfort while sitting in it have been pleasant surprises, enhancing my overall enjoyment during trips. However, during longer periods of pedaling, I found the back support lacking. It would be great if an adjustable, padded backrest could be added to the seat for enhanced comfort. Nonetheless, my experience so far has been positive.
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