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12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak FPK365

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12' FPK365 Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive.

Fin pedal drive offer efficient, lightweight and compact propulsion method as an alternative for paddling with kayak paddles. There are always more power and endurance in human legs than arms.

New, innovative Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak can be used in a single or tandem configurations. Use kayak in a single configuration with a pedal drive. Fin pedal drive offers easy and powerful method of propulsion while using power of legs only. Any type of low or high beach chair can be mounted on top of that kayak with a help of 4 sets of double D-rings. Pedal drive offers greater speed than using kayak paddle, and excellent for workout, pleasure cruising or fishing. FPK365 inflatable kayak comes with pre installed rotomolded well for pedal drive. Pedal kayak can also be used without pedal drive, using regular kayak paddles instead. Pedal drive can stay inside kayak or can be removed.

With pedal drive removed, FPK365 kayak can also be used in a tandem configuration, while using kayak paddles only. In a tandem configuration 2 kayak seats or 2 beach chairs can be secured to set of 4 D-rings each, with 1 seat in front, and 2nd seat in rear. Front seat can be placed over rotomolded mount installed into kayak. Opening in a well can be easily plugged with short piece of foam swimming noodle, for example.

Saturn Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive Specifications

There are 2 steering options for inflatable pedal kayak. Easiest and simplest, is just to use kayak paddle to change direction of movement. Most of the time, you will be kayaking in a strait direction. Fins on a bottom of kayak help it with strait directional movement. Just few stroke of kayak paddle can easily adjust direction as needed, turn left or right, or reverse. Another easy option, is to hold one end of kayak paddle blade under left or right armpit, while letting other end of kayak paddle blade freely trail behind in a water, toward kayak rear, acting as a rudder. Slight adjustment of kayak paddle that way will easily correct kayak direction while pedaling.

For experienced users, looking for more advanced steering options, we also included FREE BONUS GIFT - kayak rudder that can be installed into a hole in rear end cone of kayak. Click on Attachments tab for installation ideas. To keep prices on this product affordable, we decided to leave it up to customers how to install and optimize use of that optional, free kayak rudder.

Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak features accessory rail tracks for installation of optional fishing rod holders, cup holders, fish finders, etc. Also paddle holders to secure kayak paddle to left side, and bungee cords storage area.

In addition, set of 4 D-rings were installed on top top of tubes for optional DIY electric motor mount installation. Click on Attachments tab for more information. Horizontal 8" wide plywood board can be firmly secured with set of 2 tie downs running between D-rings on each tube. Vertical wooden motor plate can then be bolted to board, to the side of kayak, or through hole in kayak floor. Rotomolded well for pedal drive is removable, and can be taken out from deflated kayak. Use soapy mix water, or shampoo to make removal and installation of rotomolded well easier. Do not try to force rotomolded mount over dry surface, because it very tight fit inside cut out in a drop stitch floor.

Saturn FPK365 Inflatable Kayak Specifications:
  • Length - 12'
  • Tube diameter - 8"
  • Floor thickness - 6"
  • Inside width - 22"
  • Max weight - 300 lbs
  • Packing Size - 32'' x 22'' x 13''
  • Kayak weight - 43 lbs
  • Pedal Drive weight - 12 lbs
  • Shipping Size - 33'' x 24" x 12''
  • Shipping Weight - 68 lbs
  • Pedal drive is saltwater ready. Flashing with fresh water after each use is highly recommended.
  • Recommended air pressure for tubes 25kpa and floor is 60kpa. Electric inflator recommended.
  • Any type of beach chair, sand chair, lawn chair, etc (not included) can be mounted on top of this kayak.
  • Included: fin pedal drive, hand pump, 2 removable fins and rotomolded well for pedal drive.
  • FREE BONUS: kayak rudder for DIY installation.
  • NOT Included: beach chair, fishing rod holders, cup holders, cooler. All these items are optional.
  • Kayak hull warranty 2 years, Pedal Drive warranty 1 year.

Unboxing Saturn Fin Pedal Kayak FPK365

Introducing Saturn FPK365 Inflatable Pedal Kayak

DIY Rudder Setup for FPK365 Pedal Kayak

  • This is NOT a racing kayak. Do NOT apply too much pressure to pedals to go faster, as that might damage chains and cables. Average kayak speed is 3-4 mph. Do NOT overload pressure with too much powerful pedal strokes. Damage to chain and cables will not be covered by warranty.
  • Do NOT push on pedals too fast. Apply steady, light pressure on pedals to move forward. 1 stroke per 2 seconds is more than enough to move kayak fast forward.
  • Experiment with different stroke modes. Pedal stokes does not have to be all way from stop to stop. Shorter, half strokes will move kayak fast as well.
  • When in shallow, make sure that fins of pedal drive does NOT hit bottom, as that might damage fins. Move pedals apart, so that fins are flat against kayak bottom.
  • Always carry paddle on a kayak. Do not count only on pedal drive, as things might happen, and paddle can be used instead of pedal drive to get back.
  • Make sure that rotomolded insert oriented in strait line, not under angle. If pedal drive locks are moving during pedaling, that is because pedal drive not looking strait forward. It is normal for pedal drive components and locks to move slightly, due to natural flexibility of rotomolded insert. It is not 100% rigid.
  • If it so happen that lock of pedal drive accidently unlocks during normal operation, additional rubber string can be wrapped over lock handle and secured to self adhesive hook glued to rotomolded well insert. Please see Attachment tab for ideas.
  • Always wear PFD, whistle, communication devices, and notify someone about your trip plans.
  • Spare parts available. Please contact us for spare parts.

Question: Can this kayak be used for fishing, how do I add rod holders?

Answer: Kayak comes with 2 pre-installed accessory gear track mounts. Fishing rod holders, fish finders, and other equipment can be easily installed into these track mounts. Most YakAttack or Railblaza or Ram accessories will work. Optional Scotty glue on fishing rod holders can be glued to top of tubes or floor if needed. Milk crate with fishing rod holders can be placed on floor and secured with bungee cords or lashing tie downs. Possibilities are endless for customers with imagination and good hands.

Question: Why kayaks does not have rudder in a rear pre installed?

Answer: In order to keep price affordable, we decided to opt out of pre-installed kayak rudder. Kayak comes with 2 fins that offer good, strait tracking. Kayak paddle can be used to adjust direction as needed. Optional kayak rudder provided as a free bonus for DIY install. There are various method of operating rear rudder from a cockpit location, and we leave it up to customers to decide final implementation. Please see suggested method of installation in Attachments tab. and videos below.

Question: How to replace broken chain?

Answer: We can provide replacement chain if needed. You will need needle nose pliers and painters tape. Please follow easy direction in this YouTube video. No need to fully remove fin, just pull it down slightly, to feed chain into opening.

We love the convenience of not having to trailer Kayak anymore and the weight. My back has been saved! The quality is superior and the fin driver works great and speed is good with one hitch. The clasp that hold it in place something unhooks. (I cut a piece of flip flop to hold it in place) The yak is super stable and you can also stand without a problem, if fact so stable I Sat on the front without an issue. Steering is done with the paddle but they include a dyi rutter. We are happy with the product.

I found this very easy to pedal and quite a lot of fun to be honest. I bought it thinking it could be a workout but find it's just very enjoyable to ride around. All in all it's a 10 out of 10 for me.

The craft is longer than I was expecting but in a good way, it is very stable and easy to use. The only trouble I experienced was the pedal lock unlocked once or twice while I was using it. The shipping was delayed for a couple of days thanks to FedEx but eventually, the boatstogo team managed to get it moving again, and soon I got it at home. This is a great product and I can easily recommend it.

This turned out to be great for fishing, I had a bit of trouble assembling it, I wish there was a marking on the rotomolded well to make sure it was oriented properly but other than that I love it. Once it was up and running it was very easy and a joy to use, it's easy to inflate and transport which was a big plus for me. In the future I would love to see more color options, I would definitely buy again.
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FPK365 Kayak Instructions (Saturn-FPK-Pedal-Kayak-Manual.pdf, 873 Kb) [Download]

How To Maintain Pedal Drive (How-To-Maintain-Pedal-Drive.pdf, 335 Kb) [Download]

DIY Electric Motor Mount (DIY-Motor-Mount-FPK365.jpg, 575 Kb) [Download]

DIY Well Hole Plug (DIY-Well-Plug.JPG, 411 Kb) [Download]

DIY Mod For Pedal Drive Locks (DIY-Lock-Mod.JPG, 252 Kb) [Download]

DIY Kayak Rudder Idea #1 (DIY-Inflatable-Kayak-Rudder-Easy.jpg, 675 Kb) [Download]

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DIY Kayak Rudder Idea #3 (DIY-Rudder-Pelical-MH10-part_ghhm-yn.jpg, 1,154 Kb) [Download]

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