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Rudder System for Kayak


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Complete Rudder System for Kayaks.

Rudder, Mounting Bracket, Rudder Lever and Cables are included.  

The Complete Rudder System for Kayaks comprises a rudder, mounting bracket, rudder lever, and cables. This system is designed to facilitate the use of a rudder for kayaks, including inflatable pedal kayaks such as the FPK365V2.

The rudder is integrated into an aluminum mounting bracket, engineered to slide into a gear track system, akin to those utilized for removable fins in inflatable Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boards and kayaks. Installation involves a straightforward sliding and locking mechanism.

Additionally, the rudder lever can be securely affixed to an optional gear track. These components come pre-installed in the latest FPK365V2 pedal inflatable kayaks. However, the rudder system is adaptable for DIY installation on various other kayak models.

Customers receive a complimentary storage dry bag as a free gift with their purchase. For non-FPK365V2 kayaks, attention should be paid to the length of cables, which may require extension for longer kayak models.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Can this rudder system be installed on a kayak other than the FPK365V2?

Answer: Yes, it can be installed on different kayak models as a DIY project. The rudder mounting bracket requires a base for a removable SUP fin. Such bases are available for purchase on platforms like Amazon. Additionally, a conventional kayak gear track is necessary to secure the rudder lever. These tracks, featuring open ends on both sides, are also available for purchase online. Installation methods may vary, including adhesive bonding or alternative attachment mechanisms, depending on the customer's preference.

Question: Can the provided rudder be replaced with a different type of rudder?

Answer: Yes, the rudder features a standard diameter pin and can be replaced with a different rudder if necessary.

NOTE: Please ignore Specifications tab for this item, because listed features does not apply to this product.

  • Hammock fabric with wood spreader included!
  • FREE polyester storage bag is included!
  • Adjustable height is optimal distance from ground to hook of 37".
  • Easy assembly with pushpins.
  • Quick assembly of hooks is required.

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