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12' Motor Board SUP Skiff

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12' Saturn Extra-Wide Inflatable Motor Board MSUP365.

Uniquely shaped, light inflatable extra wide paddle board, with outline of inflatable motor boat. 

Expanding on popularity of Saturn Fishing extra wide FSUP380 motor board, new MSUP365 model shares many characteristics of that best selling product, while making it much lighter. While FSUP380 board features multiple extra layers, specifically designed for hard core fishing enthusiasts, it is kind of on a heavy side, at 47lbs. MSUP365 board dropping some of these extra heavy layers, making it lighter and easier to handle from a car to the water. MSUP365 motor board is perfect for regular users, looking for pleasure rides, while doing occasional fishing. 

Most basic use of MSUP365 paddle board is while stand up paddling with included SUP paddle. Or, kayaking with optional kayak paddle. However, it most ideal use is with electric fin that is available in our Accessories section. In fact, MSUP365 board was specifically designed for use with this type of propulsion device. MSUP365 board features pre installed foldable motor mount, ready for electric trolling motor up to 86lbs of thrust. Pre installed motor mount can be cut out if needed. And DIY motor mount can be used instead. But, nothing will beat use of electric fin with this board. It is ideal combination, offering speeds around 4 mph, and hours of run time.

Saturn Inflatable Motor Board Skiff MSUP365 Specifications.

MSUP365 can accommodate 1-2 persons. Use your own beach chairs or even zero gravity lounger! Will need 4 optional lashing tie downs to secure chair to the grommets. Board also comes with 2 mount base patches that can work with widely available Scotty or Railblaza accessories. Fishing rod holders, fish finders, cup holders, GoPro mounts, etc. can be purchased on Amazon and secured to pre installed patches. In addition, set of 4 D-rings in front can be used for optional DIY install of leaning post or stand up frame.

MSUP365 is a breeze to carry to the launch point. Place optional kayak cart under the board's bow, secure with bungee cords on both sides to D-rings, and use rear end tubes handles to comfortably pull loaded board behind a person. Make sure to load gear on top of board, over kayak cart area, to reduce load while pulling. 

Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board MSUP365:

  • Extra wide and stable - 12'long x 44" wide. Only 33lbs.
  • Inflatable motor boat shape for best performance with small motor.
  • Great for pleasure cruising on a lake, river or bay. Good for fishing.
  • Set of grommet splash guard along SUP sides for various gear attachment.
  • 12' MSUP365 can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1-2 person.
  • Pointed bow helps to cut through waves and gives streamlined appearance.
  • Constructed of 140mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure, but even 5-8psi will work just fine for seating.
  • Two air valves for faster inflation and deflation.
  • INCLUDED: hand pump, carry bag and repair kit.
  • FREE BONUS - foldable motor mount pre installed.
  • FREE BONUS - aluminum SUP paddle to use as a rudder!
Video of MSUP365 motor board prototype with Electric Fin.
MSUP365 motor board prototype with DIY transom and 1HP Trolling Motor.
Exploring Raccoon Island with MSUP365 Comfy Set Up.
Video of 12' FSUP prototype board with Electric Fin.
Using Zero Gravity Chair on 12' FSUP motor board prototype.

Quick Tip: Use kayak cart to move FSUP board around. Place kayak cart under bow area, and secure with bungee cords to D-rings on top of board. Use rear handles to pull board behind or push forward. Cut out in rear of board is perfect for this purpose.


Question: Does trolling motor shaft should touch edge of board when installed on motor mount?

Answer: Yes, that is design feature, to allow additional support for heavier motors when attached to the motor mount. Motor shaft should freely rest against edge of surface of the board. Working prop that moves board forward creates lever, pulling heavily on a motor mount secured to D-rings. Without additional support excessive force could damage D-rings fittings. Rotating motor shaft resting against surface of board will not damage it, as most of the movements are minimal and it is heavy-duty fabric. However, if shaft rotates hundred times per seconds, then additional PVC patch can be glued to that edge for extra protection. For easiest set up, we recommend to tighten shaft lock in forward position, and use paddle to steer board when moving, instead of steering with a motor tiller. While you can choose to steer with motor tiller handle, we believe the best way is to steer with paddle that act as a rudder.

without electric fin
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
500 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
200 lbs
Folded Size:
Tube Weight:
33 lbs
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
45 lbs

Pretty solid fishing platform. After tons of research, I really didn't want to spend a ton inflatable SUP. This is a great compromise and seems to be well made. There's really not a lot of hybrid boards on the market. I do wish the transom was a little more substantial, but not a huge issue.

I use this with a 55lb trolling motor and it's very stable.
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DIY Motor Mount Dimensions (MOTOR_MOUNT_DIMENSIONS.JPG, 213 Kb) [Download]

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