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Swim Buddy - Portable Flotation Device for Swimming


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Introducing - Swim Buddy. Patent Pending.

Portable Flotation Device for Swimming. 

Better Than a Swim Noodle! Custom Made per Order!

If you go to the beach or swim, you will need Swim Buddy! Just attach to bottom of swimwear, and you  always have back up in case if you get tired, or need to rest and relax. Worrying about swimming long distance, have Swim Buddy with you. Also, great for relaxation on a water while going to the beach! Multiple sitting position - recline like in a chair, place between legs, slide over body, etc.

On many occasions water next to the beach line can be dirty with seaweed or leaves or low tide flotsam. And it too deep beyond that line, to relax without constantly threading water to stay afloat. Now you can go beyond, while everyone else envy you, wading among unpleasant debris.

While Swim Buddy is made from foam noodles, it is much better option than regular pool noodle. Pool noodle is too long, take too much space, difficult to carry, can't pull it behind while swimming, and there is limited option when floating with it. Also, overall length of pool noodle is shorter than Swim Buddy float system, because it made from more than one. 

Swim Buddy it is portable when folded, can be carried across shoulders, as a chain, or placed over beach chair. Swim Buddy takes less space than swim noodle, provides more buoyancy, offers multiple sitting position, and can be attached to swimwear. It is much easier to carry Swim Buddy from car to the beach, than carrying noodle under armpits while joggling chairs, beach bags and kids. And it was tested for several years to be very best of beach companions.

You can certainly make this simple device yourself, but why bother? We already have it! Colors might vary depending on availability.

*Please note, Swim Buddy is NOT a life saving device. It CAN'T replace PFD while boating or kayaking.

Video of Swim Body.

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