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Pre Order Status Update


If you placed a pre order for an item that was on back order, and would like to find out when it will be shipped out, please visit web page of item you have ordered. Please look for a date posted, right under Pre Order button. Please Read More about Pre Orders.

Due to current break downs in supply chains and ports operations there are widespread delays.

Status update as of 5/19/2022

Container was unloaded 5/18 into Warehouse in Sumner. WA. We are waiting for inventory to be entered into computer system, so that we can start shipping all pre orders. We expect to start shipping Friday 20 or Monday 23rd.

We do apologize for the delay. There are a lot of delays due to general constrains on supply chains. Until products is in warehouse and entered into computer system, there is not much can be done on our side. We hope situation with supply chain will improve in a near future.