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Pre Order Status Update


If you placed a pre order for an item that was on back order, and would like to find out when it will be shipped out, please visit web page of item you have ordered. Please look for date posted, right under Pre Order button. Please Read More about Pre Orders.

Due to current break downs in supply chains and ports operations there are widespread delays.

Status update as of 11/23

For all of these SATURN models on pre orders: OFK396, OK420, SD365DG, SD330, SD470, RD290, MC365, SK385XL, SD260, SD290.

Container had arrived to port of Tacoma 10/25, and was sitting all this time in a location unavailable for tracking to pickup. Container was finally picked up 11/11 and delivered to warehouse on 11/15. Container sitting at the warehouse, waiting to get unloaded. Initially we were told container will be unloaded 11/19, but now they say too many containers ahead and will be unloaded week after that. Warehouse says container will be unloaded after Holidays on 29th. Total nightmare. Month later and still not ready to ship.

We do apologize for all these numerous delays. Unfortunately, not much we can do until goods are unloaded into warehouse and ready to ship.

All around, we estimate to be able to ship pre orders first week of December.