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SATURN marine inflatable fenders are designed to protect motorboats, yachts and sailboats from damage during mooring.

Our Inflatable Fenders are made of extra heavy-duty 1.5 mm German Heytex PVC fabric with heat welded seams.

SATURN inflatable fenders can be stowed almost anywhere - deflated and then rolled up. Inflatable fenders can be inflated in a matter of minutes, and deflated even faster. Standard vinyl fenders are not exactly inflatable fenders, but basically inflated fenders that can't be deflated for portable storage.

Very often heavy vinyl fenders are stored away from a vessel, simply because there is no room on the boat for and extra fenders. SATURN Inflatable Fenders are portable, foldable and really great in their ability to be stored in a small spaces, and quickly inflated whenever they needed.

We offer Extra Heavy-Duty PVC fenders, which is almost twice of thickness of regular PVC. Our fenders made of 1.5 mm PVC is much more heavy-duty then other more expensive fenders found on a market today.

Heavy Duty 1.5mm PVC vs. 0.9mm PVC. Click on image to enlarge to high-resolution image.

  • Flat standard pushpin valve and 2 stainless steel D-rings glued at both ends.
  • Shipping (packing size): 28x14x4"
  • See specs for weight of fenders.
  • Hand pumps and electric pumps are available at our Accessories section.
  • Optional valve adapters also available.

Question: How to inflate fender?

Answer: Fenders can be inflated with regular hand or foot pumps sold in our Accessories section, Amazon, Walmart or most outdoor sporting goods stores. However, inflating with hand or foot pump can be time consuming. Easiest way to inflate fenders by using inexpensive electric mattress pumps. You can get electric mattress inflator for around $20-$30 in any Walmart or Target stores, Amazon or Ebay. In fact, you don't even need valve adapter to inflate fender with mattress pump. Just unlock pushpin inside valve by pressing it down and rotating clockwise, so it will stay in lower position. Pushpin has 2 positions - up (closed) and down (open). Hold air outtake of electric pump directly against open valve, and turn pump switch on, so that to pump air inside open valve. Fender will be filled in a matter of seconds, then quickly remove outtake of electric pump, and lock valve by pressing on pushpin and turning it clockwise, until it pop up. That will prevent air from escaping the fender. Close valve cover to avoid pushpin damage. Keep in mind that inflatable fenders need to be semi soft. They don't need to be rock hard to avoid damage to fender fabric when scratching against rough surface.

Question: What is the warranty for inflatable fenders?

Answer: Fender seams are covered by our 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. However, D-Rings are not. They are constructed to support a reasonable weight of up to 100lbs. The fabric used on our D-Rings is composed 2 heavy duty layers of woven PVC and is very difficult to tear. A very strong force will need to be applied in order to cause damage to the fabric incased D-ring.

As the tide recedes, the boat will lower placing its entire weight upon them, in effect tearing the D-Ring fabric - because they are not designed to withstand the weight of the boat itself. This would be considered excessive wear so we ask that you please note placement of the fenders alongside your boat keeping in consideration future tidal changes.

Customer's review and pictures of Saturn inflatable fenders

Customer's Review:

By Tsm on Dec 05, 2017 "Couldn’t be happier. Going to buy a third for a back ... So I took the advice of the web site and hung these horizontal so they could roll with the vessel as needed. Last night we had 20-50mph winds, and these things took a beating literally all night, eyelets held firm. I used two on a 40’ 20k pound vessel, couldn’t be happier. Going to buy a third for a back up just in case, as it will be a long winter."

Inflatable fender attached horizontally, to allow roll with tides

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30x18" Weight:
8 lbs
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12 lbs
60x18" Weight:
17 lbs

I was recommended these by a fellow captain who swears by them. I have been using them for a couple of months now and they do seem to be of high quality. The material is strong and rough but because it's inflatable it's very gentle. They store away very easily so they so far are everything I wanted.

These are perfect. Made fender covers from fabric from Sailrite and they look great. Easy to inflate and deflate. Last year we had 60 + mph winds and put 3 fenders out (18x48) and it literally saved our boat from being damaged against the dock. Best fenders ever. Would highly recommend.

The simple and straightforward design makes these perfect for protecting the side of my ship. I am using the medium ones, a couple on the side really do a great job at protecting the boat. They inflate very quickly which is nice, I was afraid they would be annoying to set up, thankfully they are quick to put on and also to put away.

Really good price for the quality. Easy to order too, the support email was very helpful. Even though FedEx had some delays with the shipping once they arrived I had no issues. It's a very simple item yet it is very important in our day to day operations.

Simple. strong, great quality cant ask for more.

Very strong and durable, I give them 5 stars for low price and above and beyond quality.
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