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9.6' Inflatable Dinghy Boats SD290

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9.6' Saturn Inflatable Boat SD290 is excellent as a tender for a yacht or sailboat.

New Model V3.0 - German Heytex PVC, Heat Welded Seams, Fiberglass Covered Transom, Premium Quality.

The 9.6' Saturn Inflatable Boat SD290 stands as a pinnacle choice for tendering yachts or sailboats and serving as a reliable emergency life raft, embodying the epitome of technical prowess and practicality.

Equipped with the latest Model V3.0 enhancements, featuring German Heytex PVC, Heat Welded Seams, and a Fiberglass Covered Transom, the SD290 promises premium quality and durability for seasoned cruisers and adventurers alike.

With a capacity to accommodate up to a 10 HP short shaft outboard motor and a maximum of 4 occupants, the SD290 asserts itself as an indispensable asset in any maritime journey. Experienced cruisers understand the paramount importance of a dependable inflatable dinghy, and the SD290 exceeds expectations with its robust performance capabilities. With a 10 HP outboard motor, this vessel achieves speeds of up to 20 mph, ensuring swift and efficient navigation across water bodies.

Central to the SD290's design is its high-pressure drop stitch air deck floor, capable of withstanding pressures of up to 9 psi and providing unparalleled rigidity once inflated. This innovative flooring not only contributes to the boat's lightweight and compact nature when deflated but also simplifies assembly and disassembly processes. Whether inflating with the included hand pump or deflating for storage, the SD290 offers ease and efficiency at every step.

When deflated, the SD290 conveniently folds to the size of a medium bag, facilitating effortless storage in car trunks or apartment closets. Transporting the deflated boat is made simple with the aid of an inexpensive foldable hand cart, while optional removable dinghy wheels attached to the transom ease transportation when inflated.

Versatility is a hallmark of the SD290, making it an ideal inflatable fishing boat with its sturdy air floor, enabling anglers to stand with stability akin to a plywood floor. Moreover, compatibility with electric trolling motors further expands its utility, catering to RV owners and water enthusiasts seeking swift and budget-friendly aquatic experiences.

Enhancements in the latest iteration elevate the SD290's durability and practicality, with repositioned air valves for easier inflation and minimized exposure to the elements. Triangular symmetrical splash guards on the transom corners offer additional protection and shade, particularly beneficial in tropical environments, while double layers of fabric and a rub-strake protector ensure superior defense against abrasive elements.

In essence, the Saturn Inflatable Boat SD290 seamlessly merges technical excellence with practical functionality, embodying the pinnacle of inflatable boating innovation.


  • All around splash guard with safety grab line.
  • Separate internal air chambers.
  • One-way drain valve with plug.
  • All around, durable rubber strike.
  • Safety valve to prevent over inflation.
  • Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.
  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.
  • Spare rope for attaching anchor is included.
  • Double layer of fabric at the bottom of tubes.
  • High-pressure drop stitch air floor is included.
  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.
  • Extremely rigid, lightweight hull for excellent performance.
  • Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.
  • Free second bench is included when order is placed on-line!
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced plywood transom for outboard motor.
  • Equipment: aluminum oars, hand pump, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag.
  • For the list of optional available Accessories please click here.

You can download Saturn SD290 inflatable boat data sheet in PDF format

Video of Saturn Inflatable Boat SD290 with small gas engine.

Quick Tip! Worried about puncturing the air floor with a fishing hook, dog claws or sharp object? Get a piece of vinyl flooring or rubber mat from your local hardware store. Cut the vinyl to fit inside the boat, over the floor and your air floor will be almost indestructible! When deflating, just roll it up along with the boat for future use.

Saturn Inflatable Boats Specifications:

Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
992 lbs
Max Motor Power:
10 HP (15" shaft / 100 lbs)
Tube Weight:
85 lbs
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
100 lbs
Floor Type:
Drop Stitch Air Floor
1100 Denier Reinforced PVC
Quadruple Overlap
Air Valves:
Recessed One-Way
Speed (approx.):
17 mph (10HP w/2 adults)
Inflation & Assembly:
20 min.

Note: Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice. Max O/B Motor means: maximum power of outboard motor that can be safely used to plane the boat loaded to the maximum capacity at normal water surface conditions. Please exercise common sense and caution when using maximum motor capacity. Do not jump from wave to wave as new 4-stroke motors are much heavier then 2-stroke and provide extra strain on the transom. Under normal circumstances, with half the maximum persons/load capacity, 50% of maximum O/B power rating may be necessary to put the boat on plane.

So far it meets my minimum expectations, the floor stopped holding air at the end of season one. I am considering making a plywood replacement rather than mess with a repair. I am 1/3 through my goal with this boat, want 3 years, hope for 5. we will see, good company though, they have very good communication.

So far it's been one of the most reliable inflatables I have ever purchased. Solids craftsmanship and a very pretty price if I do say so myself. It's the perfect size for my needs, Eliot helped me out when I reached out to him through email support.

I bought mine 3 years ago, to this day its still like brand new even after many great excursions. If you want an affordable and durable inflatable this is a good choice.

I’ve had the SD-290 for about 1.5 years. I have a 6hp Yamaha on it. The dingy is holding up well. It is very stable and comfortable. I only wish I’d bought the SD-260, because the 290 is a little big for an average dingy. I also can’t get it to plane with the 6hp. For the money, the Saturns are a good value.

Saturn is one of the best brands I have ever used, this 290 is no different. Great quality and price.

Purchased this boat 3 years ago to tow behind my 40ft. We only use the boat to get to and from the shore. After constant UV rays and rain it's still holding up. One of my friends actually recommended the boat, and I got it since they haven't had any problems with their own. Would also recommend.

Great Inflatable craft. Well designed with premium quality for the dollar. 2 seasons now with zero issues. Mine was ordered in blue not gray so not sure if this is still available . Happy with this purchase

This boat is ideal for 2 adults, or 4 kids. We bought it so that our kids have a boat to ride around the lake. They love it! it's very easy for them to use on their own. My son is 16 and he is able to take the boat to the lake with help of his friend. Storage is also easy for them and doesn't take up much room. I will sometimes take the boat out fishing, so I can also say it is great for that too.

After purchasing a cruiser three years ago, the Admiral and I hardly spent anytime on the boat because the dogs had no place to do their business. In fact, my hunting partner of 14 years, Dixie, did not like the cruiser at all. This was odd because she loves my duck boat, my amphibious vehicle, and generally going bye bye or hunting.\r\n\r\nI tried using another cheap inflatable vinyl boat for her business, but it was just too flimsy, even with the floorboard. It was too fragile to tow plus, I had to wrestle Dixie into and out of the boat as she just didn't want to get in. With the limited freeboard and lack of rigidity, there was no way to avoid being soaked. Another drawback was I could only land at muddy banks for fear of damaging the boat. Muddy landings results in muddy dog prints on the cruiser. The floorboards, flimsy construction, general looks, lack of rigidity when wrestling Dixie, I decided to upgrade so I could at least wrestle Dixie in safely and hopefully stay a bit drier.\r\n\r\n Customer Picture of Saturn SD290 boat with 2 dogs. Click to zoom in.After substantial research and physically inspecting several major brands, I decided on Saturn. I selected the SD290 inflatable boat because the fabric specifications combined with other features like the keel protection strip indicated a substantially more rugged boat than the competition. I also was intrigued by the battery powered deluxe inflator when combined with the advanced inflation valves. When I first unpacked the boat, I was even happier with the quality. The material is quite think and sturdy. When I inflated the boat is extremely rigid.\r\n\r\nBut the best surprise was Dixie's instant affinity to the SD290 dinghy. After inflating the SD290, Dixie just crawled into the dinghy. You can see that she is quite happy in this picture even with her arch nemesis Zigbee the teacup Yorkie nearby. Now she at least tolerates the cruiser presumably because the Saturn SD290 is nearby. The keel protection strip means we can land on concrete boat ramps now and muddy dog prints are greatly diminished.

I put the recommended Horsepower on my 9ft. The boat planes without any problem and sure is fast. It seems that Boatstogo only sells gray. I would have liked a red boat, but it wasn't a big deal. Anyways, the boat has been great. The double layer on the bottom has really helped when taking the boat out in the river. The good about the color gray is that it doesn't get hot when you are out.
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