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Inflatable boat Launching Wheels

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Inflatable Boat Launching Wheels.

Move your boat with ease by yourself. Removable wheel system for inflatable boats and dinghies.

Designed to enable one man launching of inflatable boat, dinghy, tender. Constructed of heavy-duty marine grade anodized aluminium. Comes with a heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels 12" in diameter by 3" width.

Replacement tubes model 410-350-6 TR87 are inexpensive, and sold on Amazon or Ebay.

CAUTION: The launching wheels are not designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Damage may occur and will void the warranty. If you need to tow boat behind your car, get used Jet Ski trailer on or local classifieds.

  • Aluminum bracket attached to transom with provided stainless steel bolts.
  • Each wheel rectangular tube with axle attaches to transom bracket with 2 lock pins.
  • Launching wheels swivel up and lock in position when not in use. Wheels can be easily detached simply be removing lock pins.
  • Shipping size: 26x13x4", Weight 14lbs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I use this wheels to tow boat behind my car?

Answer: No, this wheels are only designed to go short distance from parking lot to beach or boat ramp, etc. It is illegal to tow boat behind car using this type of wheels.

Question: How this wheels work?

Answer: Wheel assembly can be locked in lower position for towing, upper position during boat operation, or can be completely disconnected from transom bracket for boat deflation and storage.

Question: What if I have wooden brackets holding floor on a way of bolts?

Answer: You can either drill new holes in aluminum bracket, so that do not drill through components you don't want to drill through, or you can drill through those components, and get longer bolts if needed in local hardware store.

Below video posted on YouTube by customer. It shows custom DIY modification of dinghy wheel system that we sell. We do not sell modified parts. Please note that install on narrow boats, such as KaBoats, might require non standard DIY install. Please see Attachments tab for more information.

Customer's video of dinghy wheels installation on a XL KaBoat

Replacement wheels and tubes can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay, see links below:

Wheels on Ebay. Wheels on Amazon.

Tubes on Ebay. Tubes on Amazon.

Recommended max. weight:
300 lb (136 kg)
Shipping Weight:
14 lbs 8 oz

Work great and easy install. a little time consuming but easy. And as always the best customer service from Boatstogo

It really good to have these type of wheels. Now my hubby can move frikin heavy boat without breaking back or asking for my help :)

You have to be a little bit of a handyman, because these are not compatible right out of the box with all Saturns. It sure wasn’t with my catamaran.

First, you have to cut one of the bottom corners on each one, because it would overlay the PVC which is glued to the transom. You don’t want to drill into the PVC, and even if you did, the bracket won’t sit flush.

If you move them closer to the center of the transom so they don’t overlay the PVC, they’re way too close together!

So you butt the bracket to the edge of the PVC, mark that corner you have to chop off with an angle grinder, chop it off, and drill another mounting hole. What you chopped off has one of the four mounting holes.

In addition, you can’t mount them wheels out as shown here on many boats! The pontoons block them! So you have to flip the mounting so the wheels point in.

We purchased these launching wheels for a new 12' Saturn boat. The packaging was excellent, as well as the design and price. We are waiting for the new boat to arrive and the wheels will make launching much easier.

I registered the boat on Friday and took her out on the Chesapeake Bay for the first time on Saturday. Feel free to share the attached pictures. The boat was a pleasure to operate and the wheels are a great addition that allow me to take take the boat out by myself. Thanks for a great product and all the helpful communications over the last few weeks, and years since I am a return customer having just recently upgraded from the SD260 that I bought from you in 2006.
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SK396 KaBoat Install Example (KaBoat-install-idea.jpg, 220 Kb) [Download]

SK487XL KaBoat Install Example (Wheels-install-KaBoat-SK487XL.JPG, 137 Kb) [Download]

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