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9.6' Cargo Trailer Boat

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9.6' Saturn Cargo Trailer Barge Sled for Jet Ski and Inflatable Boats

Inflatable Catamaran Towable Boat.

Towable boat is ideal for fishing, diving, hunting or campground trip, where you need to bring all those stuff with you, but don't have enough space in your watercraft.

Introducing the 9.6' Saturn Cargo Trailer Barge Sled, a versatile solution designed for hauling gear behind your jet ski or inflatable boat with unmatched efficiency and convenience.

In the world of watercraft, space is always a precious commodity. Whether you're embarking on a fishing expedition, diving adventure, or camping trip, the need to transport bulky items such as coolers, cargo bags, or diving gear can be a logistical challenge. Enter the towable trailer barge – your ultimate companion for transporting up to 300 lbs of gear securely and effortlessly.

Cargo solution for Jet Ski watercrafts

This innovative barge sled offers a cost-effective and adaptable platform for expanding your cargo capacity without sacrificing performance. Equipped with bungee cords or lashing tie downs, you can securely fasten your gear and tow it behind your watercraft with ease. Say goodbye to cluttered cabins and cramped quarters – now you can enjoy your outing with friends and family while bringing along all the essentials.

But that's not all – the versatility of the towable catamaran extends beyond cargo hauling. With built-in oarlocks and pre-installed motor mount brackets, it doubles as a small inflatable catamaran boat for 1-2 persons. Whether you prefer paddling or cruising with an electric trolling motor, this multi-functional vessel has you covered.

Crafted from heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, the bottom of the catamaran ensures durability and reliability in any environment. While no additional floor is provided, a DIY-installed rectangular piece of plywood can enhance rigidity and provide a stable platform for standing or mounting a trolling motor.

Experience the ultimate in versatility and convenience with the 9.6' Saturn Cargo Trailer Barge Sled – your gateway to endless aquatic adventures.


  • Overall length - 9.6'
    Inside length - 59'' 
  • Inside width - 24'' 
  • Tube dia - 14''
  • Approx. weight - 38lbs
  • Heavy duty 0.9mm PVC tubes
  • Heavy duty 1.5mm PVC bottom
  • Catamaran hull design
  • Two separate air chambers
  • Rub strake along bottom of tubes
  • Oarlocks for optional oars
  • Motor mount brackets for optional motor mount
  • Two heavy duty towing D-rings in front
  • Four carry handles
  • Multiple attachment points and D-rings for cargo securing
  • Included: hand pump only

Cargo Trailer Use with Jet Ski demo.

Cargo Inflatable Boat. Unboxing and Set up.

Customer's Review of Saturn Cargo Trailer Inflatable Boat.

Customer's Video. Using As Inflatable Sail Boat. Sail kit from


have now had the tow boat out twice on lake superior, but using it as a micro cat rather than towing cargo. rows well using a cross tube thwart. you could squeeze a second small person aboard when rowing. with a 3.5 nissan, boat makes 5 mph at 1/4 throttle. tiller extension needed. did not feel more speed was prudent. fit for solo use only with motor. very wet ride with motor with even light waves. will do more comprehensive testing and second review when water is warm enough to not kill me.

Works well, as advertised. Used to tow some cargo behind my overloaded dinghy boat. Had no issues...
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