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Aluminum Fishing Chair

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Aluminum Fishing Beach Chair, SUP Kayak Seat V3.0

  • Now folds more compactly.
  • Angle of back support frame can be adjusted to 3 positions.
  • Arm rests lowered for easier kayaking with paddles.

A must for inflatable paddle board for dry comfortable ride. Also great as lightweight, folding beach chair or a boat chair. New Saturn V3.0 lightweight, rust-proof, folding, aluminum beach chair that also works great as a kayak seat for inflatable paddle boards, or inside inflatable boat or XL KaBoat! This aluminum chair is also perfectly suited to be installed on top of HoverSeat hoverboard seating attachment.

Now it is slightly higher than before, has generous Velcro storage pouch on a back, 2 fishing rod holders pouches and removable handle side storage with bottle and cell phone holders. Also comes in attractive black anodized aluminum. Great as a fishing chair for a boat that can be taken along when getting ashore. Also great as a regular beach chair.

Saturn Folding Aluminum Beach Fishing Chair for Paddle Boards, Kayaks, KaBoats or Boats

Versatile, rust-proof design that is great as a kayaking seat for SUP paddle board. This beach chair attaches to D-rings on paddle board sides with optional tie downs or bungee cords or ropes.

Offers drier rides than regular kayak seat installed on top of paddle board, because water can freely flow under the chair. Snorkeling fins, beach sandals, etc, can be placed under the seat or inside pouch on a back of that seat. Provides excellent back support. Sun shade umbrella can be mounted to chair tubes.

Aluminum Chair Benefits:

  • Lightweight. Lighter than cheaper metal low profile chairs.
  • Rust-proof. Will not rust after few uses as metal chair will.
  • Storage. Huge Velcro cargo pouch on a back, fish rod holders and removable pouch with bottle and cell phone holder on a handle.
  • Comfortable. Better suited for long paddling and fishing than regular kayak seat.
  • Max load: 200lbs
  • Shipping size: 27x21x9"
  • Shipping weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Chair weight: 4.4 lbs

Assembly is simple, just pull out front legs, flip out back rest and adjust strap tension to support your weight. Chair comes with convenient back pouch for gear storage. If you need to attach chair to SUP paddle board, use 4 pcs of lashing tie downs to secure to D-rings on top of SUP board. If no D-rings available, then run tie downs under paddle board. Inexpensive lashing tie downs available on Amazon or local Walmart. If tie downs too long, cut it shorter as needed, and fry ends with open flames.

Chair use on various inflatables.

Seemed Like a good little chair when I got mine - but be aware the max weight is less than 300 lbs. I should have realized when I made the purchase, it is aluminum.

I had this chair attached to the Saturn SUP for my first run, after I made it out into the water I tried to get myself situated in the chair. The seat cross beams folded down, then out and the back had nothing to brace against so it hit the SUP. I had to roll off the board to get out of it. It was still fun to use the SUP as a SUP after I threw the chair away.

Long story short - If you are a bigger guy like me and If you are getting the 13.5' SUP, because it can hold bigger people, also remember max weight applies to the chairs too.

The fact that you can use this for so many different things make it so valuable, I cant recommend it enough.
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