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13' Heavy-Duty Boat FB385

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13' Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat FB385

"We're gonna need a bigger boat" - Longer, wider, larger tubes than FB300/365!

New V3.0 with fiberglass covered transom and heat welded seams.

New Saturn Inflatable Fishing Boats FB385 was based on popular FB300 and FB365 boat. But, FB385 boats were made Longer, Wider and Larger Tubes diameter than FB300 and FB365, for more space inside and higher buoyancy. New Saturn FB385 series boats were designed to take a serious beating! It is almost OVERKILL. Made from heavy-duty, commercial grade 1100 Denier German Heytex PVC, but on top of that we added extra wide and extra thick rub protectors on the bottom of tubes, over keel, and on top of boat tubes!

In addition, there is a 2nd layer of extra thick 1.5mm PVC glued along the bottom of the tubes, all the way up to rub strakes on side of tubes. And, whole vessel bottom is also made of extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC fabric. That is the most extra protection available for any inflatables on a market today!

It is well known, that space inside inflatable boats, between two tubes, is at premium. To address this issue, we invented new, patent pending cargo lacing system on top of tubes, so that to move cargo from inside boat cockpit into over tubes areas. That way, cargo taking valuable space inside boat, can be instead secured on top of tubes, freeing more of seating area.

Saturn FB series inflatable motor rafts feature set of two grommeted PVC strips that are shifted off center of tubes, leaving enough space to store bags and gear on top of tubes. Any type of cargo can be lashed down using bangee cords, ropes, tied downs or straps using grommets in splash guards. Area between splash guards protected by extra wide rub strake, so that to avoid accidental damages to top of boat tubes. You can also seat on top of tubes, or even secure wooden board and mount chair on it! There are endless possibilities for DIY modifications and add-ons.

New Saturn FB385 is an extra heavy-duty inflatable boat, primarily designed for fishing. Motor mount was added in the bow section of the boat to install electric trolling motor. Motor mount is included as a free bonus gift, suitable for up to 55lbs electric trolling motors with long shaft. In addition, two sockets for detachable fishing rod holders were added on top of tubes in the bow area. High quality adjustable fishing rod holders are also included as bonus!

Heavy-duty sectional aluminum floor, extra protection layers all over boat, numerous D-rings and grommets eyelets, makes Saturn FB385 inflatable fishing boat an excellent choice for fishing, hunting, work, hauling, diving, pleasure cruising or as dinghy tender for yacht or sail boat.

Specs for Saturn FB385N Green and FB385DG Dark Gray boats with aluminum floor. FB385L Luna Gray comes with high pressure air floor only.

Saturn FB385 inflatable boat specifications


  • German Heytex 0.9mm heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC.
  • Double line of grommet lines to secure cargo on top of tubes.
  • Splash guards with safety grab rope.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on top of tubes.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on bottom of tubes.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on bottom of keel.
  • Additional 1.5mm PVC layer on bottom of tubes, up to side rub strakes.
  • Bottom V-keel section of the boat made of 1.5mm PVC.
  • Detachable bow motor mount for electric trolling motor.
  • Two mounting brackets for fishing rod holders.
  • 4 x D-rings in a bow area and 2 x D-rings on top of tubes in rear.
  • Towing D-ring on bottom of tubes in a bow area.
  • FB385 & FB385DG comes with sectional heavy-duty aluminum floor. Click for installation steps.
  • FB385L comes with high pressure drop stitch floor covered with additional tracking pad.
  • Front stainless steel handle with integrated D-ring for anchor rope.
  • Boat tubes shipping size 45x25x17", Floor shipping size 38x28x5"
  • Additional holders for rowing oars inside tubes.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, carry bag, 2 aluminum benches, anchor rope and rowing oars.
  • Duffel bags and fishing rods shown for illustration purposes only. Not included.
  • BONUS, FREE GIFT - Bow motor mount!
  • BONUS, FREE GIFT - Two high quality fishing rod holders.

Customer's video unboxing and inflation of FB385 boat.

Customer's video of Saturn FB385 inflatable boat.

Green w/Alum Floor
Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
1500 lbs
Max Motor Power:
25 HP (15" shaft / 130 lbs)
Tube Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
145 lbs
Floor Type:
Aluminum sectional floor
Floor Shipping Size:
Floor Shipping Weight:
87 lbs

Excellent size and build, my friends and I have used it to go out fishing. It helps to have someone to aid in the setup, it's no lie when they say it's heavy duty. The fabric is tough and the material does not bend easily which makes it quite sturdy.

I was able to make a makeshift electric pump but we are thinking of buying one from boatstogo because getting it to the right pressure is important. We bought an inflatable floor to go with the model and while it is easier to use we also found the aluminum floor to be much more stable.

The price point is fair and the customer service is thoughtful and helpful.

I bought this to fish at a nearby river next to my house. It was a very good experience, I like it a lot. The boat is a little bit heavy but I think it is ok because it is still portable. It took me some time to figure out how to assemble but once I got it I realize it was easy. I like how much space it has inside. The boat feels of good quality and I had no issues with delivery. I can recommend.

It has been almost a year since I got this. I haven't had any problems, I got exactly what I paid for. The boat handles real good and it is tough. I take good care of the boat, I clean it after each use and cover it up in my garage. I have been told I can make it last more than 5 years if I treat it well and that is the plan.

For the price of a regular boat I could buy 10 of these, I cant believe I did not find out about inflatable boats sooner.

Get an electric pump, or you will be really tired with the manual pump that it comes with.

I bought this boat more than a year ago, it's still like new. I got a bimini and a base for chairs, I tricked it out to the gills. You can make this tank feel very comfortable. Thanks boatstogo for such a great offer, I highly recommend this.

Good value for features. Very hard to damage, but also difficult to assemble by oneself. Very big space but also harder to move around, the floor is many pieces and the boat is heavy. It only takes up to 25HP, I pack heavy so it does not go as fast as I would like, but then again it's a fishing boat, other times I use for fun and relaxation. The rubber on top is very useful, so is a rope. I think it is a good value boat, I like it very much. I will report back here if I find any issues in the future.

This is not for the weak, I underestimated how big and heavy-duty this boat is. The first time I set it up by myself it definitely takes some getting used to. 2nd time I got a friend to help me and it went much smoother. The boat itself is heavy and made of really strong material. The floor is very stable but it does require some assembly.

I found it perfect for fishing, I don't have to be as worried about the hooks or even some of the rocks near the river. The boat feels very sturdy and stable, I can't believe how much of a bargain this is, the price is insanely low considering all that you get.

This boat is very spacious I must say, although I have only had my buddy and me It feels like I could fit 5-6 people.

I tried using a trolling motor but it did not feel strong enough, so I ended up purchasing an outboard as well when I need to maneuver on a stream I use the trolling motor but when I need to move around fast I use the gas power.

Just got mine and I'm pumped. I am a newbie so I'll provide some tips. This thing is badass! Take care of it and it will last a lot longer than the 5 years they say these boats last. These new and improved heavy duty ones are awesome. Tips: 1) Get an electric pump with setting for inflatables, get it to 3psi, and finish it off with the hand pump provided. 2) Practice the set up!! Inflating is easy but the Aluminum floor could be tricky so do it a few times till you get the set up down to 15 min. 3) Take your time! 4) Save your back and get a few stadium seats with backs. Or customize it with swivel seats drilled into the floor! You'll be happy you did!

Have not put the boat in the water yet, still outfitting for use in spring 2021. I ordered the 4-bow bimini with my boat purchase only to find that it was too wide for the FB385. Looking at a potential workaround, but the narrower 2-bow bimini is a better choice for this unit. Everything else as advertised, highly recommend the digital high pressure electric pump.
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