Manufacturer of Saturn Inflatables Since 1999

30 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We are 100% confident that our boats, rafts and kayaks are of great quality and even better value. However, if upon receiving and inspecting your item you decide that you want to return it, you will have 30 days as of the date of shipment arrival to return it for a refund minus the shipping cost. Any additional fees associated with a purchase transaction will be deducted from amount of refund.

No refund for used or worn merchandise. Refunds and canceled orders will be issued via company check for amounts over $300. Please allow 7 - 14 days for delivery. Customers are responsible for charges associated with shipping of their orders. If order has been canceled after it has been already shipped out, appropriate amount will be deducted from total of refund.

All returns should be sent via FedEx Ground to:
BoatsToGo, Inc
1945 NE 149th street
North Miami, FL 33181
ONLY after return authorization is received via email.

Please read carefully for conditions of refund:

IMPORTANT: Returned item should be unused, and exactly in the same condition as you received it from us!

  • Carefully unseal shipping box by removing packing tape from front. Do not reap or damage shipping box.
  • Please take a quick note how items arranged in a box, and how boat has been folded. You might need it in extremely unlikely case if you will decide to pack everything back for a return.
  • Unfold boat, raft or kayak on a clean surface free of debris, sand or water. Tarp or plastic are recommended.
  • Inflate item using enclosed pump for inspection. Do not throw away plastic bags.
  • Carefully inspect item and make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

If you will decide to return boat, raft or kayak back for a refund:

  • Send email to to request return authorization.
  • IMPORTANT: Click here to read how to correctly fold deflated boat for compact storage.
  • Fully deflate all boat compartments and air floor. Electric inflator/deflator is recommended.
  • Immediately after full deflation of compartment place valve pushpin in upper position to avoid air getting back into compartment. To do it press valve pushpin with a finger and rotate until it will pop-up.
  • Please make sure that there are absolutely NO debris, dirt, sand or water on deflated boat.
  • Carefully fold boat back to the same state as it was removed from box. If air will remain in compartments, you will not be able to close the box completely.
  • Place folded boat and all accessories back in a box and securely seal it with a packing tape.
  • You are responsible for shipment arrangements back to us. Please insure shipment for its value.
  • We recommend FedEx Ground service from FedEx staffed facility as a cheapest way to send packages. Please visit for locations near you. Do not use authorized centers, since they are charging extra fees.
  • We DO NOT recommend using UPS or USPS for returns. From our experience, they are not reliable and extremely inflexible. We are NOT responsible for packages sent to us via UPS.
  • Record your tracking number and notify us via email once tracking shows that item has been delivered back to us.
  • Customers returning products that were subject to free shipping, will receive a refund for the purchase price of the product, minus including any associated shipping charges. Excluded shipping charges based on actual cost of shipping of goods.
  • Customers refusing delivery will be liable for all fees and shipping charges resulting from that refusal, including returning charges. FedEx does not return back for free.
  • NO Returns on boats that were already registered. Please make sure you as satisfied with purchase before going to DMV or Tag agency.
  • IMPORTANT: It is sometime possible for air valve to loos a little bit of air after storage during shipping in a box, due to fabric being stretched at fold lines. There is tool inside repair kit provide for the purpose of tightening valve if needed. Please refer to FAQ section for detailed information how to do that. Leaking valve on arrival is not subject of warranty claim, as it part of boat maintenance program that must be done by customer.

We reserve the right to charge 20% restocking fees for items that was not packed same way as we send it to you, or have some kind of dirt, skid marks or footprints. If we have to clean this item after you, we will charge restocking fee.


QUESTION: Return policy states that only unused item can be returned. How can I make sure that I am happy with item without using it?

ANSWER: You might try item in water if that is absolutely imperative. However, it is your responsibility to bring item back to the BRAND NEW condition before sending it for a refund. That could mean that you would have to remove all signs of dirt, foot prints, sand, dust, etc. Wash and wipe away all water residue, pat it dry, and pack everything back the way it was when you received it. When we inspect returned item it should be in LIKE A BRAND NEW CONDITION, so that someone else may enjoy the same item without decreasing it value due to your trials.

Absolutely NO REFUND for items that were used, abused, dirty or scratched!