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Rowing Frame for 2 People

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Short description:
MSRP: $498.00  
Available for preorder

River Raft Rowing Frame for 2 People.

Frame is 33" wide, and WILL fit on Saturn RD365 river rafts and SK385/470/487XL KaBoats.
Frame will NOT fit on RD290, RD365X, RD385 or AMR385 rafts.

Please measure your watercraft width on top of tubes to make sure frame will fit before ordering. Distance between top of inflatable raft tubes should be 33" plus/minus 2".

Easy to assemble and disassemble, 2 persons rowing frame for fly fishing. Ends of frame are left open, for customers to built DIY frame extensions, such as gear storage basket or motor mount or anchor extension.

Folding frame made of heavy duty, rust resistant anodized aluminum. Can be disassembled for easy storage and portable transportation. To use this frame you will need following optional accessories (not sold by seat of adjustable straps to secure frame to at least 4 attachment points, rowing oars, oarlocks, swivel base and fishing chair.

Optional Parts

If boat or rafts does not have attachment points, such as D-rings on sides or splash guards with grommets on top of tubes, then optional glue-on D-ring patches need to be glued on both sides of raft or boat you are planning to use this frame on.

  • Length:178cm
  • Width: 85cm
  • Thickness:3mm aluminum,
  • Outer diameter:32mm
  • D security pins: 6/each
  • Round plastic end caps: 2/each,
  • Painted color: Dark Gray
  • Shipping Size: 36x25x7"

PLEASE NOTE: Swivel, chair, straps, oars and oarlocks are NOT included, but can be purchased separately at many retail stores at very affordable prices. U-bolts are provided as free bonus gift, so that to secure swivel to seat platform included with this rowing frame. Installation instructions are not included, as it is new, customized product available in a small batch production run. However, assembly pretty much strait forward, as shown on pictures posted in this web page.

Quick Tips:
  • We recommend using WD40 to make assembly/disassembly easier.
  • When inserting or removing side frame into or from main frame, try to hold both hands at both insertion points at the same time, and then move side frame inside or outside at equal distances/steps in order to avoid side frame getting stuck under the angle inside main frame. If it happen, step on side frame, spray with WD40 and pull main frame slowly, or use rubber mallet.
  • Fishing seats can be purchased on Amazon, just search for folding fishing seat. Holes on bottom of seat will match holes on metal plate that comes with frame.
  • Swivel can be mounted between seat and plate. Just search Amazon for seat swivel.
  • Also, quick disconnect can be added to easily remove fishing seat from frame. Just search Amazon for boat seat quick disconnect.

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