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Receive credits toward orders, or get partial refund on past purchases.

1) Email pictures, and get up to $100 in credits!

We need good resolution pictures showing product in action. For example, boat motoring in water, or raft gliding on a river, kayak paddling on a lake, etc. If we use these pictures on the web site, depending on quality and value of set of pictures, we can offer up to $100 credits toward future orders. Pictures must be in horizontal format, good resolution, and lighting. It is easy to take pictures with a smart phone, and email back to us at

2) Submit video, and get up to $400 in credits, or up to $300 in refunds!

We need good resolution videos, either showing inflatable product in action, or reviewing watercraft features. Use smart cell phone to take video in a horizontal format, with highest resolution your smart phone can offer. Video must be at least 1920x1080 30fps, and good lighting. If we use video on the web site, depending on quality and value, we can offer up to $400 credits toward future orders or perhaps $300 refund via check.

If you upload on your own YouTube channel, we can link to it, and send additional traffic your way. Or, you can simply send us raw video files via free file transfer web site, and we will take care of rest.

Here is an example of simple video review, while talking about product features:

Here is an example of product assembly and in action:

3) Leave honest reviews, and get $20 credits each!

We love customers honest reviews, pictures and videos. We know it takes time and efforts to write reviews, take pictures of make videos. And, we are willing to compensate for these extra efforts!

We'd love you to write an honest, hopefully 5 star review on any of below sites. Then, just email us at links to each of your postings, and claim a $20 credit per review. Credits can be used toward future orders.

That is up to $80 in savings! Please note, we don't pay for reviews. We pay for the time it takes you to leave them.

4) Refer a friend, and get up to $100 credit toward future purchases.

Ask your friend to type your name into Comments section during checkout. 30 days after friend's order received, you can email us to claim referral credit. $50 referral credit for purchased up to $1000. And $100 credit on purchased over $1000. 

You must be current customer who purchased watercraft in a past. You can't refer yourself. You can't order accessory only and then refer someone.