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8.6' Portable Inflatable Kayak

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8.6' Inflatable Portable Travel Sit-On-Top Kayak SOT260.

  • Sot On Top Kayak with built in back support. 
  • Quick and Easy Assembly!
  • The Only Travel Kayak you will need!

Introducing the all-new Saturn 8.6' Ultra Portable Sit-On-Top Kayak SOT260, engineered to redefine convenience and performance on the water! Say goodbye to tedious setups and bulky gear—our kayak is designed to inflate swiftly straight out of the bag, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the adventure and less time on prep work.

Crafted for ultimate portability, this kayak is compact enough to fit snugly into any space, whether it's your trunk or a storage closet. With its built-in backrest, you can bid farewell to the hassle of attaching a separate seat, streamlining your assembly process and maximizing your time on the water.

But convenience doesn't mean compromising on functionality. The Saturn SOT260 comes equipped with two large removable fins, guaranteeing smooth and effortless paddling for straight-line precision. Whether you're cruising along the coastline, conquering waves, or exploring serene lakes and rivers, this kayak delivers unmatched versatility for all your aquatic adventures.

And the features don't stop there. We've thoughtfully integrated two gear tracks, perfect for attaching optional rod holders or cup holders, along with two sets of bungee cord holders to secure your essentials. Plus, with a front D-ring for anchor attachment, you can effortlessly dock wherever your exploration takes you.

Transporting your inflated kayak is a breeze thanks to three soft handles strategically placed for easy carrying—two on the sides and one at the rear. And to ensure you're ready to hit the water right away, each kayak comes complete with a paddle and a hand pump, so you can embark on your next journey with confidence.

Experience the epitome of convenience and performance with the new Saturn 8.6' Ultra Portable Sit-On-Top Kayak SOT260—your ticket to endless aquatic adventures awaits!

  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Length: 8.6'
  • Width: 30"
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs:
  • Folded Size: 31x17x6"
  • Included: hand pump, carry bag, kayak paddle, repair kit, 2 removable fins.
  • Rod holder, cup holder, front handle and cooler not included.
  • Max Pressure: 10ps, but even half will work just fine.

Video of Saturn Ultra Portable Kayak SOT260

Quick Tip: Back rest does not have to be as hard as rock when inflated. If it softer, it can recline more. Release some air from back rest to adjust angle of recline.

Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
250 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
200 lbs
Folded Size:
15 lbs

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