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Saturn Inflatable Kayak.

Best Inflatable Kayaks for every level!

Dive into adventure with Saturn inflatable kayaks – where quality, durability, and affordability meet to create the ultimate watercraft experience! 

Whether you're exploring tranquil lakes, casting your line in search of the big one, or navigating white water rapids, Saturn inflatable kayaks offer unbeatable performance without breaking the bank. 

Crafted with commercial-grade durability and precision engineering, Saturn inflatable kayaks are designed to withstand the toughest conditions while providing extreme maneuverability and ease of handling. Our heavy-duty tubes and rigid drop stitch air deck floors ensure maximum stability and comfort, making every journey a joyous adventure. 

With a classic design featuring large tubes and ample carrying capacity, Saturn kayaks offer unmatched speed and agility on the water. Compact yet spacious enough for tandem kayaking, our inflatable kayaks are perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. 

Experience the thrill of fishing from a Saturn inflatable kayak – lightweight, portable, and roomy, our kayaks are ideal for anglers seeking convenience without sacrificing performance. From high-speed pursuits to leisurely paddling, Saturn kayaks deliver unparalleled stability and long-lasting durability, ensuring years of enjoyment for you and your loved ones. 

Engineered for maximum comfort and convenience, Saturn inflatable kayaks feature innovative design elements that cut through waves with ease, providing a dry, stable ride that's second to none. With heavy-duty construction and high-pressure drop stitch air decks, our kayaks offer the perfect blend of strength, stability, and lightweight portability. 

Join the ranks of satisfied adventurers who have discovered the thrill of Saturn inflatable kayaks – the ultimate choice for wilderness exploration and outdoor fun. Portable, lightweight, and ready for adventure, our kayaks are the perfect companion for RV trips, camping excursions, and fishing expeditions. 

Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose Saturn inflatable kayaks for an unbeatable combination of quality, durability, and affordability. Your next waterborne adventure awaits – are you ready to take the plunge? 

Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayaks

Saturn SUPs are not only great for stand up paddling, but also work excellent as Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayaks. All Saturn SUP boards comes with set of D-rings that can accommodate 1 or 2 optional kayak seats. Saturn 12' iSUPs are suitable for 2 adults, and 11' iSUPs are suitable for 1 adult or 2 kids. Best inflatable kayak 1 person.

Ocean Inflatable Kayaks

Saturn 14' long self-bailing Ocean Inflatable Kayaks were designed for situations when kayaks can be flooded with ocean waves. Water will quickly escape through holes along kayak floor. Saturn ocean inflatable kayaks comes with 2 removable fins for improved tracking in a wind. Kayak is long and can take up to 3 persons or large load of gear.

Fishing Inflatable Kayaks

Pro-Angler Fishing Inflatable Kayaks are made of heavy-duty 1100 denier PVC. The floor is made of a 10psi high-pressure drop-stitch air deck fabric that is extremely rigid when inflated, but can be rolled up when deflated. Additionally, a double layer of PVC fabric is glued to the air floor and on top of kayak tubes for extra durability. Super-rigid, high buoyancy tubes make Saturn FK396 kayaks so stable, that you can easily stand and fish from these inflatable kayaks.

Ocean Fishing Inflatable Kayaks

Pro-Angler Ocean Fishing Inflatable Kayaks are based on our popular Pro-Angler fishing inflatable kayak, but designed to be used in an ocean waves. It has 2 slits on both sides of air floor, to let water escape when kayak hull is flooded with waves. Ocean fishing kayak version also has 2 removable large fins for superior directional stability in a wind. High pressure air floor of ocean kayak is glued between tubes, instead of resting on a bottom fabric layer glued to the bottom of regular kayak tubes.

Inflatable Kayaks Crossover - KaBoat

Saturn motorized inflatable kayak - KaBoat, will fit into medium size bag, so that you can go on a road trip, vacation or camping, and take motorized inflatable kayak KaBoat with you. You can paddle KaBoat, row it, or use small outboard motor. KaBoats are very stable, and you will feel comfortable standing and casting, yet be agile enough to get to the trickiest spots where other regular boats have no chance to go.

Inflatable kayaks, hailed as the pioneers of sit-on-top kayak technology, have their origins rooted in the utilization of surplus government rafts for whitewater travel and recreational paddling. Over the years, manufacturers have refined inflatable kayak designs to cater to various uses, ranging from professional to novice, with many models accommodating multiple paddlers.

Whether you're considering a Saturn Inflatable Kayak or seeking general information on inflatable kayaks, this article provides invaluable insights into the benefits and considerations of owning one, as well as tips on usage and maintenance.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews Traditionally, inflatable kayaks are categorized as "soft shell," distinguishing them from the "hard shell" counterparts made of glass or plastic. At BoatsToGo, we exclusively offer Saturn's premium Inflatable Kayak line, constructed entirely from PVC for optimal durability and performance.

Inflatable kayaks typically fall into two main classes: White Water/Ocean use and General Recreation. General recreation models encompass fishing and expedition kayaks, each featuring tailored reinforcements to suit their intended purpose. Additionally, our white-water and ocean-use inflatable kayaks are equipped with self-bailing features, allowing water to drain out through small slots in the floor seams.

Choosing an Inflatable Kayak Selecting the right inflatable kayak depends largely on your intended usage. Many of our customers reside in urban environments where space and water access are limited, making inflatable kayaks the perfect solution. With Saturn Inflatable Kayaks, storage is a breeze – simply deflate and roll them up for compact storage under a bed or in a closet. Their space-saving design eliminates the need for cumbersome roof racks or storage aboard campers, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

The convenience and portability of Saturn inflatable kayaks enable users to transport them on public buses and other modes of transportation, opening up opportunities for adventure in remote locations where traditional kayaks are impractical. Furthermore, our Saturn Inflatable Kayaks meet checked luggage guidelines for all major airlines, ensuring hassle-free travel for your next vacation.

Experience the freedom of exploration with a Saturn Inflatable Kayak from – where convenience, quality, and adventure converge. Unlock the potential of inflatable kayaking and embark on unforgettable journeys with ease and confidence.

Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayak Set Up by one of our customers.
BoatsToGo inflatable kayaks are lightweight and easy to ship , allowing for even more versatility and ease when wanting to travel and explore new waters without having to carry along the additional bulk of a standard kayak. Just mail your inflatable off to your intended location, and ship it back home for when you arrive.

Saturn's line of Inflatable Kayaks all weigh in at approximately 40lbs - allowing for easy loading and transport by a lone individual. Often times navigating to a launching area coupled with carrying a long, plastic shelled kayak can be very tiresome and deterring from the adventures and enjoyment that await you - with our inflatable kayaks simply inflate along the shoreline wherever is most convenient for you, store your carry bag and equipment aboard, and hop in!
Is an Inflatable Kayak right for me?

Picture this: You're ready to take on the open waters, but you're torn between the classic rigid kayak and the innovative inflatable kayak. Wondering which one is right for you? Let's dive in!

While many view inflatable kayaks as an entry point into paddling, the truth is, they're much more than that. Professional paddlers and touring enthusiasts alike are discovering the unparalleled perks of these versatile watercraft. Unlike traditional rigid kayaks, inflatable kayaks boast a "sit-on-top" design, eliminating the need for tricky "sit-inside style rescues" in case of a capsize. With easy boarding and stability, getting back on board is a breeze – no need for acrobatics or advanced maneuvers!

But what about durability? Fear not! Quality inflatables designed for white water, ocean, or expedition use are built to withstand the toughest challenges. Whether you're navigating rapids or cruising along coastal waters, our Saturn Inflatable Kayaks are up to the task. Backed by a standard 2-year warranty, these kayaks are engineered for reliability and longevity, ensuring countless adventures on the water.

Forget the myth that inflatable kayaks are flimsy – our Saturn models are built to last, providing you with years of enjoyment and exploration. And the best part? You won't find these top-quality inflatables on Amazon – they're exclusively available right here, ensuring you get the ultimate adventure companion delivered right to your doorstep.

Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime? Choose a Saturn Inflatable Kayak and experience the thrill of paddling like never before. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's no better way to navigate the waters than with a durable, reliable, and adventure-ready inflatable kayak from Saturn. Let the adventures begin!

Saturn FK396 Fishing Kayak set up by customer. Click on image to enlarge.