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Light KaBoats

Saturn KaBoats are designed for endless fun. Enjoy the excitement of owning KaBoat at an entry-level price. The incredible affordability of KaBoats combined with portability and dependability with lightweight hull, allowing first-time boaters to take on the water with confidence.

In fact, KaBoat was invented by BoatsToGo many years ago. KaBoat is a registered trademark of BoatsToGo, and any other type of similar boats sold elsewhere are copies of our original design. You can notice that many other similar type copy cat boats have benches on top of tubes. That is how we originally designed that boat many years ago. Reason for that was to keep prices lower. However, since some customers had complained that it is inconvenient to row with benches being that high, we had moved benches lower.

Why by copy cat KaBoat when you can buy original?!