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Aluminum Seat Benches

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Aluminum Seat Benches for Boats, KaBoats and Fishing Kayaks.

Heavy-Duty aluminum benches with 2 plastic hooks to attach on sides of benches. Plastic hooks can be installed closer together, or farther apart for better fit. Bench can be cut to make shorter.

Two benches together can be used to place on bottom of KaBoat and install seat pedestal with fishing chair, as alternative seating option. Two or more benches can be bolted together to make longer seats. Also great for various DIY projects.

  • Shorter 21" benches will fit regular SK kayaks - SK396, SK430 and SK470.
  • Longer 24" benches will fit SKXL model kayaks - SK385XL, SK470XL and SK487XL.
  • Extra long 33" benches will fit into FK396 and OFK396 kayaks, SD260-330 size boats.
  • Benches are 8" wide.

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