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Aluminum Seat Bench

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BNCHSK396-470 19"
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Aluminum Seat Benches for Boats, KaBoats and Fishing Kayaks.

IMPORTANT: To make sure, please measure distance between 2 seat straps on fully inflated vessel.

Heavy-Duty aluminum benches with 2 gray plastic hooks to attach on sides of benches. Plastic hooks can be installed closer together, or farther apart for better fit. Bench can be cut to make shorter. Each bench 8" wide and designed to fit all Saturn boats.

Two benches together can be used to place on bottom of KaBoat and install seat pedestal with fishing chair, as alternative seating option. Two or more benches can be bolted together to make longer seats. Also great for various DIY projects.

Aluminum bench can be cut shorter as needed. Plastic hooks on bottom of bench can be moved closer together if needed, and re installed with self drilling screws. 

SK396 to SK470

The benches we needed were not listed but we spoke to the manager at boatstogo and he in no time was able to help me acquire the right choice for my boat. Excellent service and quality products!
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