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Air Deck Floors for Saturn Boats

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Spare Air Floors For Saturn Inflatables.

Please note that our floors are ONLY fit into Saturn inflatable boats! Do not purchase if you have non-Saturn boats, as floor will not be subject to return.

The advantages of an air floor are its lightweight and ease of use. You can roll up or unroll your boat in a pinch without air deck floor. having to remove or install the floor. Fitting a wood panel floor can be a hassle with some designs, particularly if you're working on the water or on the deck of a sailboat.

High Pressure Inflatable Air Deck floors offer impressive rigidity; the boat can accelerate faster and attain impressive speed, while requiring less horsepower than comparably sized "hard floor" boats.

I purchased the SD380 about 6 months ago and it came with the aluminum floor. Now that the inflatable floor became I availble I boucht it right away. The boat now gets into plane faster and since the air deck floor bends a little it helps the boat contour to wake, swells and small waves. This allows the boat ride to be more comfortable and enjoyable. I also made a video review on youtube and if interested, you guys are more than welcome to watch it. Here's the link
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