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Air Deck Floors For SD SK Boats

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Spare Air Floors For Saturn Inflatables.

Please note that these floors are ONLY fit into Saturn SD or SK inflatable boats! Do not purchase if you have non-Saturn boats, as floor will not be subject to return.

Now, also available air floors for larger boats - SD430, SD470 and SD488. Please select above from drop down menu. Air floor can replace heavier aluminum floor, and make assembly much easier.
  • Floors will fit only in SD or SK series of boats.
  • Will not fit into Triton variation of Saturn.
  • Will not fit into FB, HD or any other type of boats. We have separate page for FB floors.
  • Please contact us if not sure or have questions before placing order.

Air floors for Saturn SD430, SD470 and SD488 boats are made from 140mm drop stitch, same as stand up paddle boards. Air floors for these boats also covered with extra layer of protective tracking pad on top. Please note that use of air floor for SD430-488 boats reduce maximum motor rating by 10HP.

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure that you are getting correct floor, matching boat model you have. Please email if not sure. Please note that floors that we sell designed to fit into Saturn boats with HULL ID starting from digit 8. If your boat HULL ID starting from other than 8 digit, there is chance that floor will not be perfect fit. HULL ID printed on a metal plate attached to the transom of your boat. Starts from letters VEJ and then long number. First digit indicates manufacturer. Click on Attachment Tab to see floor dimensions.

Air floors for Saturn boat models SD290 to SD415, KaBoats and MC catamarans are made from 80mm heavy duty drop stitch fabric. The advantages of an air floor are its lightweight and ease of use. You can roll up or unroll your boat in a pinch without air deck floor. having to remove or install the floor. Fitting a wood panel floor can be a hassle with some designs, particularly if you're working on the water or on the deck of a sailboat.

High Pressure Inflatable Air Deck floors offer impressive rigidity; the boat can accelerate faster and attain impressive speed, while requiring less horsepower than comparably sized "hard floor" boats.

  • IMPORTANT: If your boat is older than 4-5 years, there is chance that new replacement floor might not be perfect fit for your boat, even if it is same model. That is due to the fact that manufacturer that made boats for us in a past, no longer in business. Old patterns are no longer available. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee perfect fit. However, you can still return air floor back for refund, if it is in a brand new, unused condition with no dirt on it, dust, hair or step mark. Please remove all that before returning.
  • If you are interested in DIY alternative to buying new air deck floor, please read this Blog post about making plywood floor for inflatable boat.

I purchased the SD380 about 6 months ago and it came with the aluminum floor. Now that the inflatable floor became I availble I boucht it right away. The boat now gets into plane faster and since the air deck floor bends a little it helps the boat contour to wake, swells and small waves. This allows the boat ride to be more comfortable and enjoyable. I also made a video review on youtube and if interested, you guys are more than welcome to watch it. Here's the link
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Floor Dimensions for SK KaBoats (SK-KaBoats.pdf, 61 Kb) [Download]

Floor Dimensions for SD Boats (SD-Boats.pdf, 43 Kb) [Download]

Floor Dimensions For MC Catamarans (MC-Catamarans.pdf, 40 Kb) [Download]