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DIY plywood floor for boat

Posted by   Brittany
DIY plywood floor for kaboat

DIY plywood floor for inflatable boats.

There are an alternatives to buying new replacement air deck floor for inflatable boat. New, hard floor can be cut out from piece of plywood purchased in local Home Depot hardware store. Wooden floor can then be either painted, varnished or simply covered by outdoor carpet, as shown in below pictures, as an example.

If you still have old air deck floor, it can be used as a template to cut out from plywood. If floor is lost, then need to Scotch tape together large piece of card board from old boxes, place inside boat, and cut out excess cardboard to get good fit inside boat, between tubes. Once you get nice cardboard pattern, you can then use that cardboard to cut out floor from plywood. Sand out edges of plywood to avoid damages to inside of tubes.

Examples of DIY plywood floors by our customers:

DIY plywood floor for KaBoat

Alternative replacement floor for KaBoat made from plywood

DIY plywood floor for inflatable boat

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