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Aluminum Floors For SD Boats



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Aluminum Floors For Saturn SD Series of Inflatable Boats.

IMPORTANT: Listed aluminum floors are designed to fit perfectly into Saturn SD boats with first digit of HULL ID number 8. These floors might NOT fit perfectly into Saturn boats with first digit of hull ID other than 8. Please look at metal plate attached to transom of your boat before ordering. Look for HULL ID. Note first digit after VEJ code.
  • Will not fit into FB, AM or HD boats. 
  • Will not fit into Triton variation of Saturn.
  • Please email if not sure or have questions.

The advantages of aluminum floor is its durability and rigidity. Puncture-proof hard floors offers impressive reliability and practicality.

  • Question: Why aluminum floors you sell will not fit into other boats?
  • Answer: Saturn have several factories, with boats that might differ very slightly in length, width or bow shape. Because aluminum floor require perfect fit inside boat, it might not fit perfectly well into boats that were made by different factory. It may fit, or may require some DIY alterations. Aluminum floors that we have for sale are made by manufacturer that makes Saturn boats for us, and have first digit of hull ID as number 8. Therefore we CAN guarantee fit into boats made by same manufacturer. Floors that we sell may be too narrow or too wide or too short or too long to fit into other factories boat. If you good with DIY, cutting aluminum, drilling, etc, then you can make it work.

hard floor for boat.

Sectional Hard Floor Assembly.

  • Please download Aluminum Floor assembly manual for more information.
  • First time hard floor installation may seems to be difficult, but it will become easier with each following assembly/disassembly.
  • It is recommended that installation will be done by 2 people, at least at the beginning.
  • Aluminum side stringers are designed to cover joint points of floor blocks, they are not suppose to run whole length of the floor.
  • Keep sharp edges of aluminum floor away from tubes, or cover with duct or painters tape during installation.
  • Make sure tubes are fully inflated to squeeze stringers into floor channels. Boat tube should have no wrinkles or be soft to the touch.
  • Inflate keel first, and position it such way that air valve on a top and in a middle of the keel. Then deflate keel while keeping valve in a middle of the keel. You will need it to make sure keel valve is properly position against opening in a front piece of the floor.
  • Place floor places inside boat hull such way that there is equal distances left between edges of the floor plates and edge of the boat bottom. You will need these spaces to install stringers.

Plywood floor assembly details. Insert stringers into side edges of floorboards. Side edges of floorboard should easily fit into C-channel of stringer.

Top View Bottom View Correct stringer position

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