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Floors For FB Boats

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Spare floors for FB series of boats.

Aluminum Sectional Floors or High Pressure Drop Stitch Air Deck Floors are available.
  • These floors will fit ONLY into FB series boats, such as FB300, FB365 or FB385 sold by BoatsToGo.
  • Will NOT fit into SD or any other type of boats sold elsewhere.
  • IMPORTANT: Contact us if not sure or have questions.

Please select correct floor from drop down menu. Please email if not sure. Please note that FB floors only fit into FB boats.

Aluminum floor will replace air floor if needed. Optional, replacement air floor for FB series boats replaces aluminum floor. These are not just regular air floors, these are heavy-duty air floors with additional layers of protection on top.

  • These air floors will ONLY fit Saturn FB300 or FB365 or FB385 inflatable boats. Will NOT fit any other boats, including Triton.
  • High pressure floor allows easy assembly and disassembly of boat. It will reduce overall weight and will add extra flotation.
  • Once fully inflated, air deck floor will be very rigid.
  • Air floor is optional, additional item, and can not be substituted instead of aluminum floor.
  • Air floor for FB300 22lbs
  • Air floor for FB365 26lbs
  • Air floor for FB385 31lbs
  • Aluminum floor for FB300 50lbs
  • Aluminum floor for FB365 55lbs
  • Aluminum floor for FB385 65lbs

If you are interested in DIY alternative to buying new air deck floor, please read this Blog post about making plywood floor for inflatable boat.

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We got ours to use with the electric pump, its really easy to just slide over and then connect to inflate.
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