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women paddling inflatable kayak
Ever since I can remember, I have been an adventurous type of woman. From scuba diving, to team sports, to hiking, to biking, I love to explore new places. A few years ago, I went out of the...
Saturn Inflatable Boat SD330
My family consists of me, my lovely wife, and our two sons. We have always been a close knit family. We love spending time together, traveling together, and doing activities together. And when we...
Rafting in river raft with dad
When I was 15 years old, my dad took me on a father son trip. We rented a raft, scheduled a tour with some other families that we had never met, and set off on a weekend whitewater rafting...
Proper positions for stand up paddle boarding
f you have ever given any thought to pursuing the hobby of stand up paddle boarding, you've probably heard about how great an option inflatable paddle boards are. They are easy to learn on,...
Inflatable Catamarans
About two years ago, I bought my first personal boat. I always knew I wanted a boat, but I never thought the time was right. But a few times a year, I would rent a boat and take my wife and kids...
Saturn Fishing SD330 motor boat
I remember the first time my buddy John and I went fishing. We were 10 years old. Our dad's were close friends and always fished together on the weekends. Finally, they let us tag along. We went...
Raising long shaft outboard motor for inflatable boats designed for short shaft engines.
For the past few months I have been searching a variety of forums and outlets for a new toy come spring. I had a few RIBs in mind and hadn't given too much thought to inflatables until I came...
Saturn SUP paddle boards
Truth is, I have been a huge fan of stand up paddle boarding for a very long time. It is a hobby I would recommend to everyone because it has everything to offer. It is a lot of fun, which should...
I love the ocean, I love kayaking , and I love to have fun. Now I can combine them all into one great day out on the water. That's because I bought the brand new Saturn OK420 Commercial Grade...
Two of my life's biggest pleasures are standup paddle boarding and fishing . I take both extremely seriously, which means I do plenty of research before I decide to buy any fishing boat or SUP. I...
As it stands today, I am 75 years old. I have been an avid boater and fisherman throughout most of my life. But with age has come an aversion to some of the inconveniences that owning a hard hull...
I live a busy life. I go to work from 8 am to 7 pm every weekday, then come home and spend time with my wife and kids until my gas tank runs dry and I have to go to sleep. On Saturdays, I love to...
Stand Up paddle boards are a growing trend among hottest outdoor sports in 2013, among other categories, as tallied up by the Outdoor Topline Report. Remarkably, fishing is also among those in...
The hurricane season of 2013 is almost over, but as we can see on example of recent devastating typhoon in Philippines, it's never too early to prepare yourself before next storm hits. Almost...
Anyone visiting Las Vegas, who loves kayaking, should consider doing so at the Black Canyon, which just southeast of Las Vegas, near the Hoover Dam. This is a 30 mile stretch of Colorado River,...
My family has a somewhat unique hobby that we all enjoy together. It is usually the focus of any family trip we take, whether they are week long excursions out of state, or just quick weekend...
"Tropical paradise" is usually a degree an over-glorified term. After all, the tropics area hot, humid, full of mosquitos, and disease-riddled bugs. Still, there are a images of good locales...
If you have ever been stand up paddle boarding on an inflatable SUP , you know just how much fun it is. If you haven't, it's time to get yourself an affordable board from BoatsToGo (which has an...
It is very easy to make nice and simple frame to hold your fishing rods and may even lights and speakers for your inflatable boat. Most inflatable boats and Kaboats come with grommet splash guards...
Just want you to know that yesterday, I tried to find a limit for how big waves SK430 kaboat can handle with a 2,5HP motor. I did not reach the limit with front waves from 11-12m/sec wind! I was...
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