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New Outdoor Activity Sweeping South Florida: Umbrella Boarding!

Posted by   Brittany

Miami, FL - If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is the latest outdoor activity taking place in Miami Florida. Kids and adults alike are gearing up with their paddleboards and umbrellas of every shape and size and getting ready for a day of fun in the sun.

The enjoyable activity involves two vital pieces of equipment, one being a paddle board, the other being an umbrella. Lately people have even gone so far as to use surfboards, kayaks and other floatable devices. (See the video here)

There are two items that are needed to partake in umbrella boarding. The first piece of equipment needed is the actual paddleboard, commonly used are inflatable paddleboards that can be easily carried with the boarder. The second piece of equipment is an umbrella. Most people choose to use larger umbrellas, as they tend to capture more air for speed.

The only other thing required is the location found at any beach, canal, lake or bay and a windy day. With stronger winds you’re sure to be able to catch the most speed.

As the sport continues to change and evolve we are sure to see some exciting changes taking place including races, competitions and tricks. Whether you are just looking for a good time or just want to try something new. Grab your paddleboard, grab an umbrella and come take part in one of the newest and most fun new water activity taking place in Miami.