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How to Use an Inflatable SUP Paddle Board.

Posted by   Brittany
Proper positions for stand up paddle boarding

f you have ever given any thought to pursuing the hobby of stand up paddle boarding, you've probably heard about how great an option inflatable paddle boards are. They are easy to learn on, durable, and incredibly convenient. Add that to the fact that they are amazingly low-priced, especially during BoatsToGo's inflatable SUP sale, and they are a great buy for paddle boarders of all skill levels, including beginners. Here are a couple tips for those just getting started with their inflatable stand up paddle board.

Standing Up on Your Inflatable SUP

When you initially take up paddle boarding, your initial goal should be to figure out how to regularly stand up on your board in calm water. First, find the center of your board and kneel there, with your paddle perched across the deck of the board in front of you. From the kneeling position, rock back and forth a bit to get a good feel for the motion and balance of your inflatable paddle board in the water. Stabilize yourself by holding the sides of the board with your hands. Then, slowly bring your feet up under you, one at a time, until you are standing on the board, knees bent, and feet about shoulder width apart around the board’s center.

How to Paddle Correctly

The first thing you must learn about paddling is how to grip the paddle. Start with your weak hand on the top of the paddle. Then put your strong hand on the paddle shaft, with your palm facing in. Remember, the paddle itself goes into the water on the side of your strong hand. In order to get the most out of your energy, paddle with long strokes, then return the paddle to position in the front of your inflatable SUP by turning it flat so it has less resistance when cutting through the air. And make sure the paddle is angled away from you when you put it back into the water, which will result in longer and more powerful strokes. You will also want to alternate which side of the board you paddle on, otherwise it will be impossible to travel in a straight line.

Turning Your Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board

Now that you know how to paddle straight, it’s time to learn how to turn. In the beginning, you can make basic, wide turns by just paddling on one side of your inflatable SUP like was mentioned above. However, once you are more used to boarding, you can make much sharper turns with a somewhat more advanced move. You will first step to the back of the board and push down, lifting the nose of the board into the air. Then, you will take a couple short paddle strokes on one side of the board, and you will find yourself making a sharp turn.

There you have it. You now know how to stand up, paddle, and make turns on an inflatable paddle board. Once you get the hang of all this, you can start to work on more advanced paddle boarding, including using your board to catch waves. Also, you might wake to take a look at the inflatable SUP sale going on at BoatsToGo, which has paddle boards on sale for as low as $349.