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I Love My New Saturn Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board from!

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn SUP paddle boards

Truth is, I have been a huge fan of stand up paddle boarding for a very long time. It is a hobby I would recommend to everyone because it has everything to offer. It is a lot of fun, which should be the first thing you are looking for in a hobby. It is adventurous. And as a bonus, it is actually an incredibly good workout. Seriously, is there any better workout than a workout you actually look forward to and enjoy? No way! So for all of those reasons, I long ago got very into stand up paddle boarding. But there were always a few issues with the hobby. For example, a new SUP can sometimes be expensive. They are also a bit cumbersome, requiring a decent amount of necessary storage space at your home and often a roof rack on your car. That was until I came across the great inflatable paddleboards for sale on

At first, I was hesitant to try out an inflatable SUP. I was happy with my hobby, and change is sometimes scary. But once I bought my first inflatable stand up paddle board, I knew I had found the board of my dreams. For starters, the performance of my inflatable SUP measured up to any standard paddleboard I had used. In fact, in a lot of ways it was even easier to ride! That’s because of my Saturn inflatable SUPs extra buoyancy, which results in better performance under heavy weight loads.

The next thing that really impressed me about my new inflatable SUP was just how well built it is. For starters, Saturn offers an amazing 2 year warranty just in case anything goes wrong. But honestly, my inflatable paddle board is so well built that I cannot imagine that happening. It is made from 6” thick heavy duty PVC drop-stitch fabric, making it extremely resistant to any abrasions, rips, or tears. Simply put, my inflatable SUP can handle anything I can dish out!

I want to go back to what I mentioned earlier about the inconveniences of standard SUPs. With a new inflatable SUP from, annoyances like storage and travel are a thing of the past. When I’m done paddling for the day, all I have to do is quickly deflate my board, pack it up in its handy carrying case, and toss it in the trunk of my car. When I get home, it fits right into my closet for easy storage. That means no roof rack needed, no garage space needed, no nothing. It’s just another moderate sized bag in my closet taking up barely any space at all!

So for this great inflatable SUP with all of these conveniences, how much do you think you are going to pay? Personally, I would pay thousands of dollars (which is what some standard SUPs cost). But my inflatable stand up paddleboard was on sale for only $599. I couldn’t believe it! I told a bunch of my friends who I paddleboard with, and a lot of them converted to inflatable SUPs already.