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Boating on a Budget with the Saturn SD360 Inflatable Boat

Posted by   Brittany

To many people, spending the weekend out boating is part of the American Dream. Whether it’s relaxing with the family or fishing with buddies, there’s just no denying how great it is to be able to spend some time cruising around on the vast ocean or your local lake. The problem is, owning a boat can be cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. From the price of the boat itself, to the expense of housing it, to the maintenance and upkeep, owning a boat requires a lot of disposable income that most people just don’t have lying around. That’s why Saturn came up with a great alternative, the SD360 inflatable motor boat.

The SD360 is an 11.9’ inflatable boat that was designed to be affordable to boat lovers of just about any income level, without sacrificing performance. Also available in 12.5’ (the SD380) and 13.5’ (the SD410) inflatable boats models, this rubber boat is a perfect alternative to the more standard fiberglass boats you may be used to. It’s aluminum floor gives it the sturdy, corrosion-proof bottom that boaters need for fishing, diving, or snorkeling, but without the added cost of the more expensive materials that are used on standard boats. That’s one of the reasons that the SD360 rubber boat is so affordable, with a price tag of only $799. Many people set it up with a small 15HP outboard motor, which will really give this lightweight craft a ton of push. But it’s versatility gives you the ability to also use it as a rowboat. And if you own a larger boat, it makes the perfect dinghy or tender!

Everyone who’s ever considered buying a boat knows that the price of the craft itself is just the beginning of the costs you will incur. Docking, cleaning, repairs, and transport all add up quick, making the monthly cost of owning and using a standard boat very high. That’s another reason to consider an inflatable boat like the SD360. For starters, there is no cost to storage or docking, as inflatable boats are extremely easy to deflate and store in a small space like your closet or garage. You also don’t need a boat trailer to get your SD360 to the water. Just toss it in your trunk and go! And the insanely high maintenance costs of fiberglass boats are virtually non-existent with an inflatable boat.

You also don’t have to sacrifice safety with the SD360, as the tubes are made with a heavy-duty PVC fabric with a durable rubber strike to prevent punctures. But even in the rare instance of a puncture, it’s smart design separates the SD360 into multiple air chambers. This will allow your boat to easily stay afloat while you travel back to dry land. That’s exactly the type of safety you want when you’re taking your family out for a nice day on the water in your new inflatable boat!