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From Pleasure Cruising with the Family to Fishing with My Buddies.

Posted by   Brittany
Inflatable Catamarans

About two years ago, I bought my first personal boat. I always knew I wanted a boat, but I never thought the time was right. But a few times a year, I would rent a boat and take my wife and kids out on a pleasure cruise. This was always a great day for the whole family. I would also occasionally go out with one of my buddies on his boat for fishing trips, which were extremely relaxing for someone like me who spends so much time at work. After a particularly great family excursion, I decided it was time to start taking the possibility of boat ownership seriously. After a lot of searching, I came upon, which specializes in all different types of inflatable boats. The benefits of inflatable boats made sense to me, so I researched until I found the perfect inflatable boat that met all of my needs. That boat was the Saturn 12’ Inflatable Mini Cat MC365.

The MC365 is a pretty amazing vessel. Styled like a catamaran, this inflatable boat is perfect for just the types of day cruises that my family loves. It also provides a stable fishing platform, making it a great vessel for going out on the water for a day fishing with my buddies. It even has built in D-rings in the bow area that were designed for securing any fishing gear we bring along. Plus, it can handle either an electric trolling motor or a small gas outboard motor, giving you a choice of the type of motor you want to use on your own inflatable boat. I chose a small gas outboard motor, and it has worked perfectly!

One of the greatest benefits to the Mini Cat MC365 was its affordability. As I said, I am married with a couple of kids, so finances can sometimes be tight. But at a sale price of just $799 on, my new inflatable boat didn’t set me back much at all. Plus, since it can be easily deflated after each use, there is no need to pay for docking or storage. I just let the air out of my inflatable boat, slip it into the handy carrying bag it came with, and store it in my garage or closet. This small size also makes it easier to transport down to my local lake, which is pretty vital since I don’t currently live on the water.

Another great feature about my inflatable catamaran is just how durable it is. In the couple years I have owned it, it has never popped, ripped, or anything like that. The reason for this must be the fact that it’s made out of heavy-duty denier PVC, which is super strong. Each tube also has 2 separate air chambers. That way, in the unlikely event that your inflatable boat gets a tear, it should still float perfectly fine. Plus, the extra wide durable rub strake on the bottom of the tubes makes them even more resistant to abrasions. This allows this inflatable boat to be beached even on a rocky line.

Over the past two years owning my Saturn 12’ Inflatable Mini Cat MC365, I have gone on many excursions with the family and fishing trips with my buddies. The great memories from these trips will be with me forever thanks to my amazing inflatable boat.