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Suggestion for SUP storage and transportation.

Posted by   Brittany

What if you live in a condo, and need easy way to store and transport your inflatable paddle board from house to the beach. Carrying it in a backpack might be not always a good option, because all together with electric air pump and bunch of gear it might be quite heavy. Easiest way to store inflatable SUP paddle board and all its gear is inside beach cart that is sold on Amazon. For example Tommy Bahama beach cart comes with a cooler that is perfect size for storage of electric air pump with built in battery. Deflated and rolled paddle board perfectly fit inside mesh bag of that cart. SUP or kayak paddles can also be placed into same mesh bag, and beach seat that can be used for seating on Saturn inflatable paddle board for kayaking, can be hanged in front of the cart. All together beach cart provides nice solution for storage of transportation of inflatable iSUP board from your house to the beach.