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Learn easiest and quickest SUP paddle board tricks

Posted by   Eliot

Learning SUP boarding is not a rocket science. If you are inclined towards sports and being in water with adequate swimming skills, you can easily learn SUP paddle board tricks. As a beginner, you may feel goose bumps before entering the water. Many people do not even know anything about SUP paddle boarding. Water sports need confidence, skill and presence of mind. Paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports at many beaches, rivers, oceans and lakes.

When you see someone standing on the board in the water, you may wonder how difficult it is to stand balanced in the water; but it is not that tough, it’s only about knowing the skills which make it easy. You may feel excited, elated and frustrated before going into the water. Beginners show keen interest in learning the SUP paddle board tricks with great energy, zeal and enthusiasm. To make you more aware about paddle boarding, let’s discuss the popular tricks that can make you a successful paddler.

Quick and simple SUP paddle board tricks-

  • Do not use your legs- for beginners who firstly need to learn to balance on the paddle board effectively must ignore back and legs. You need to lean forward on your waist and move your arms like you move the spoon in a bowl of soup. Do not use your bigger muscles of your legs and back.
  • Stand in calm and flat water first- As a beginner; first learn how to stand on the paddle board in water. It is recommended to stand in the calm water that makes you confident and help you to balance in water.
  • Look on the board- it is always better to look at your feet to maintain effective balance initially and then start looking towards the horizon. You need to understand that experts say that the first priority is balance, and then rest follows.
  • Do not balance with your upper body- It is a good technique to balance with your hips and keep yourself upright on the board. Make sure your toes are pointing forward and keep your knees bent and definitely your back should be straight.
  • Improve stability- It makes you feel that you are following the same basics of bicycling.
  • As soon as your forward momentum starts increasing, your stability becomes better than before.

Keep your feet parallel- Make sure that your feet are parallel keeping a normal distance width apart. Do not forget that you should not stand on the rails.

Paddle boarding is fun. Slowly and steadily you would feel comfortable on the board after following these tricks. When you know how to balance on the calm water, go for long trips to tackle waves. Practice, practice and practice, it is the only advice that can make you a perfect paddler. Give yourself time and patience, start reading books and articles that provide you proven tricks to enjoy paddle boarding on water. With effective skills, one day you can participate in paddle boarding competitions organized at many places.