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Some of the best places to paddle board in Miami.

Posted by   Brittany
Some of the best places to paddle board in Miami.

Warm and sunny Miami is a great place to paddle board. With numerous locations and places for paddle boarders to enjoy the sport. We are going to let you know some of the best places in Miami to spend paddle boarding.

South Beach: Probably Miami's most popular beach, South Beach, FL is a great location to use your paddle boards. The waters are often filled with other swimmers, paddle boarders and surfers.

Haulover Beach: A popular beach for local Miami riders haulover beach offers a great place to enjoy the waters without all the crowds. As a quieter beach you are able to enjoy your paddle boarding without people interference.

Sunny Isles Beach: One of Miami's Nicest beaches is a great place to venture out for a ride. Sunny isles beaches are beautiful and aligned with Miamis modern highrise architecture and design. This is a great beach for any first time rider.

Key Biscayne: Key Biscayne is a beautiful natural beach found outside of downtown Miami. This beach is a beautiful place to paddle board if you enjoy the beauty of nature surrounded by the beautiful skyline of downtown Miami.

Although there are more beaches in Miami that you should be sure to try these are ones that we recommend. So get your board and your paddle and try ridding one or all of these beautiful Miami Beaches.