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Inflatable Kayak is a Perfect Companion for an Adventurous Woman

Posted by   Brittany
women paddling inflatable kayak

Ever since I can remember, I have been an adventurous type of woman. From scuba diving, to team sports, to hiking, to biking, I love to explore new places. A few years ago, I went out of the country for a kayaking trip down a foreign river, and I just had a blast. I decided that I wanted to spend the next few years adventuring on rivers around the globe. But for this, I would need the perfect companion. No, that companion wasn't another person to travel with. Personally, I like to travel untethered, so having another person as my permanent travel companion can often get in the way. No, the companion I needed was the perfect kayak. I found that perfect companion in my Saturn RK396 Heavy-Duty Expedition Inflatable Kayak.

On my first few river adventures, I rented boats locally. This satisfied me okay, but I always felt like I wanted a boat I could call my own. One that I could get used to, which would allow me to feel right at home on my journeys. But the question was, is it just too much of a pain to bring a boat to these different spots in other countries? I thought the answer to that was yes until I stumbled across the wide selection of inflatable boats on These inflatable kayaks and other inflatable boats can be easily stored. But best of all, when they are deflated, they fit right into a handy carrying bag that you can travel on a plane with, and then easily re-inflated at the river’s edge. Just check it in like any other luggage, and your personal boat can travel with you to foreign lands!

As a single girl out on the water, another major concern of mine was durability. Was these inflatable boats I saw too good to be true? Were inflatable kayaks strong enough to handle the punishment that some of these foreign rivers might dish out without leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere? I carefully researched this, and found that my Saturn RK396 inflatable kayak is called “heavy duty” for a reason. That reason is that it’s built out of extremely thick 1100 DTEX PVC fabric that’s coated on both sides to make it strong against punctures and abrasions. Now that I know that, I can paddle out onto a multi-day excursion worry free.

As I was researching my inflatable kayak, I came across benefit after benefit. But all of these great features of the inflatable boats that BoatsToGo was offering wouldn’t matter much if the inflatable kayak I purchased didn’t perform at a high level when I was out paddling. I need maneuverability and versatility on my trips. Good thing my inflatable kayak provides me with both. The RK396 combines speed with stability to make it the perfect vessel for almost any river or stream. It is comfortable enough to take on long journeys, while also be versatile enough to explore smaller, thinner rivers. This makes the Saturn RK396 Heavy-Duty Expedition Inflatable Kayak the perfect companion for any adventurous person… woman or man.